Poorva Express – Time For Enjoyment


Being a marketing person, I meet a lot of people and visit different places. Travelling is one of my passions and I love visiting new and scenic places and enjoy the local cuisines there. Last time it was to Kolkata that I went and opting for a budget travel, I booked ticket for my journey from Kanpur to Kolkata by Poorva Express. As there was provision to book tickets 60 days prior to the journey, I booked my ticket well in advance and secured a confirmed seat in the train.

Poorva Express

Poorva Express | Image Resource : flickr.com

The scheduled time of departure of the train from Kanpur Central was11.35 pm. so I had my bags packed in the morning and by 9.00 pm I had my dinner. One of my friends offered to take me to the railway station and I was off to the station by 10.00 pm. it took one hour to reach the station and as I reached the station, the train was already there. I got into the train and put my bag on my seat and then got outside and bought some magazines from the nearby book stall. The train started at the correct time and I sat reading my books for a while. My co passengers consisted of a family including husband, wife and two children.


Train-12304 | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

After reading for a while, I went off to sleep and had a sound sleep till 7.00 am. it was a sunny morning and I got up refreshed from my sleep. I had puri and potato curry from the canteen in the train and then sat down talking to my fellow passenger. He lived in Kolkata and came to Kanpur on a holiday. The two kids were boys and were very smart and naughty. Soon they become friendly with me.

Puri and Potato curry

Puri and Potato curry | Image Resource : spiceupthecurry.com

I had my lunch and dinner from the canteen and at 5.00 pm the train reached Howrah station. I got down and saw that it was a very crowded and vibrant station. I was told that a cab would take me to the hotel that I had already booked. As I got outside, I located the cab waiting for me and started off to the hotel. I really enjoyed my journey from Kanpur to Kolkata by Poorva Express.

Easy Way To Prepare Ghugni- A Wonderful Evening Snack


Ghugni | Image Resource : madhuja.com

I have always enjoyed travelling and exploring new places and their delicious and distinct cuisine. Last month, I went to Patna for a business meeting. There I came across this marvelous evening snack Ghugni. I was surprised that a snack with very common ingredients and very less preparation time can actually taste so good. Here I wish to share a simple recipe of this snack with all foodies who follow my blog.

Ghugni Recipe

Key Ingredients

  • Yellow Peas (Dried) – 2 Cups
  • Onion- ½ Cup
  • Garlic- 1 tsp
  • Ginger- 1 tsp
  • Tomatoes- 1 in number
  • Oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Water- 4 Cups
  • Garam Masala- 1 tbsp.
  • Coriander Powder- 1 tsp
  • Cumin Powder- 1 tsp
  • Green Chillies- 1-2
  • Coconut Slices- A Handful
  • Green Coriander Leaves- for garnishing
  • Optional
  • Tamarind Chutney

Method of Preparation

  1. Soak the yellow dried peas in a container overnight, which permits expansion. After the peas have expanded, you can boil the peas in a container with a little salt and the mentioned quantity of water. You can boil until the peas get soft.
  2. In a pan, you can simultaneously add oil. When the oil is hot, add ginger, garlic, and onion slices. Sauté until the onion turns golden brown. Then add tomatoes and green chillies. Sauté for a little while.
  3. Then add the boiled peas to this pan. Also, add coriander powder and cumin powder and let it boil. After this, add garam masala and coconut slices. Bengali Garam Masala would be better for this recipe. Garnish with tamarind chutney, coriander leaves, and onion pieces.

Lo! The amazing Ghugni snack is ready to serve. I really relished this exotic Eastern Indian snack. You may use dried white peas or black gram instead of dried yellow peas in this recipe. This is a very common snack in eastern states of Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, and Assam. Tamarind chutney mentioned here is optional but surely adds a unique flavour to the snack.

You can serve this snack with kurmura (puffed rice). Yet another equally tasty alternative is serving it with Onion pakoda.

Travel Photo Of The Week : Ram Niwas Garden Jaipur

Ram Niwas Garden Jaipur

Ram Niwas Garden Jaipur | Image Resource : aswana-cliche.blogspot.in

Description :- You must visit the Ram Niwas Bagh or the Ram Niwas Garden. It was a garden built by Raja Sawai Ram Singh way back in 1868. The garden is magnificent and covers an area of 33 acres. There are many lovely tourist locations in the vicinity. The garden is a great place to visit if you are touring Jaipur.

Jaipur Famous Mawa Kachori for Satiating those Taste Buds


During my stay in Jaipur, I tried to relish dishes of all types. Throughout my stay one thing which I enjoyed a lot was the Mawa Kachori of Jaipur. The kachori is considered to be a famous and one of the most dishes of the state. No other state serves Mawa kachori with such great taste. I was excited to try out the dish and therefore I went on to the street shops to enjoy these with more delight.

Mawa Kachori

Mawa Kachori | Image Resource : planetden.com

The The Mawa kachori is absolutely mouth watering and satiates the taste buds to the deep. I accept that I am an all time foodie and adding that I have a sweet tooth as well. My tongue always longs for foods that are sweet to taste and great for a snack. The mawa kachori is like a sweet dish prepared from maida which has the congregation of sugar syrup and mawa within it. The kachori is then fried deep with oil or butter.  Sometimes the maw kachori is also fired with desi ghee. There are several restaurants in Jaipur which serve this delicacy and one cannot just get fully satisfied with all of these.

Apart from Mawa kachori, I also tried the pyaz ki kachori which is a fried dish kind of similar to the mawa kachori. But the later is salty to taste and is fired with onion and spice stuffing inside it. The kachori can be eaten with hari chutney. I tried onion kachori here as well. There is the special ghewar of Rajasthan which is yet another mouth watering sweet dish prepared fully from mawa and ghee. The simple fragrance of the pure butter used in the ghewar is bound to drive even the non-foodies into the food zone.

The Mawa kachori is quite affordable and is sold in small sweet shops besides the street. One of the top considerations of the foods sold in the street shops is the quality. No doubt they taste just heavenly and no other taste on the earth can beat it, but still I tried to eat from those corners where the food was served hot and was cooked right in front me. It was truly a delight munching Mawa kachori beside a street side food stall in Jaipur.

Shila Devi Temple Jaipur- An Enchanting Shrine


It was the seventh and last day of our stay in Jaipur. I was truly ecstatic about everything in Jaipur. I had managed to see almost every beautiful place of the city. However I knew I had missed several other places like Pushkar, Ajmer etc. I was happy that I was able to make it up to Jaipur and I was taking fond memories with me to back Kanpur. As it was the last day in the Pink City, I and all my friends unanimously decided to make a visit to the Shila Devi temple in Jaipur. The temple is known to be the finest piece of architecture that was built long time back within the Amber Fort.

Temple at the entrance of the palace

Temple at the entrance of the palace | Image Resource : nikhil-chandra.blog.co.uk

The Shila Devi temple was built in the 16th century within the Amer. I had already visited the Amber Fort or Amer during my stay in Jaipur, but the visit was only near and around the fort and the gardens found inside it. I had missed the chance to go to the Shila Devi temple which is known to be the temple of the Hindu Goddess Kali. The temple is marked by its grandeur. Since it is found inside the Amber Fort, it accumulates a large crowd within it. Further the temple also has its own significance. During the festivals of Navratri, the glow in the temple for nine long days is a spectacular view. Millions of devotees from hook and corners of Rajasthan also many of them from outside states and foreign countries visit the temple to see the large festival being celebrated.

Shila Devi Temple

Shila Devi Temple | Image Resource : flickr.com

There is a daily routine practice that is done in the temple, just like all other temples. There is the ritual of morning arati then bhog in the temple. There are also some times when fairs are held in a large procession in the vicinity of the temple. The opening time of the temple is at 6 am and the temple remains opened till 10:30 am in the first phase. The temple opens again for the evening prayers at 4 pm and remains open till 8 pm in the evening. After having a very calm and pleasing visit in the Shila Devi temple we came back to our hotel to pack our bags back to Kanpur.

Travel Photo Of The Week : City Palace Jaipur

City Palace Jaipur

City Palace Jaipur | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

City Palace Jaipur :- The city palace of Jaipur includes magnificent other palaces like the Mubarak Mahal and the Chandra Mahal. It is a very common tourist location. I felt great to enter the premises of these palaces. The beautiful way in which the palace is created actually made me go dumbstruck. I loved the unique carvings on the walls of these palaces.

Jaipur Zoo- A Multipurpose Hub For Wildlife And More


As I have been telling always that I have a great zeal for wildlife, it has always been a very good part of me. When I was a child I used to collect pictures of different animals whenever I visited a zoo. Now also as I was in Jaipur I wanted to make a visit to some zoo and what could have been more appealing than visiting the Jaipur zoo itself? I urged my friends to accompany me to the zoo. They too were excited and wanted to come along with me to visit the zoo. We started off from the hotel room at 11 am in the morning and reached the zoo in less time.

The zoo was opened in the year 1877 and is one of the oldest locations in the city. There is a huge collection of different animals, birds, reptiles and aquatic animals in the zoo. One can go inside it and stay there till evening as the area is quite big and more importantly the things to view in the zoo is also awesome. The zoo remains closed on Tuesday and therefore I had deliberately planned all other places of visit on the other days so that the zoo visiting day did not fall on a Tuesday.

Tiger At Jaipur Zoo

Tiger At Jaipur Zoo | Image Resource : flickr.com

As we went round the zoo, I could observe foxes, tigers, lions, jackals, hippopotamuses, rhinoceros, black bear, monkeys, sambar, panthers, leopards and several other animals. Among birds there were hyena, geese, pheasants, peacocks, emu, ducks, Lorries and few other residential birds.i could also spot some migratory birds that were kept in the zoo for the viewers.  It is said that there are nearly 71 species of animals and birds found within the zoo. There is also a separate chamber for the reptiles to be kept safely. There is a unique farm that breeds crocodiles and therefore it is known to be one of the best places for the breeding of crocodiles in the country.


Crocodiles | Image Resource : panoramio.com

My visit to the Jaipur zoo was awesome. It was me who enjoyed the rides inside the zoo to the fullest content of the heart. We came back to the hotel quite late and I had captured loads of pictures in my lenses.

Travel Photo Of The Week : Birla Mandir Jaipur

Birla Mandir Jaipur

Birla Mandir Jaipur | Image Resource : Wikipedia.org

About Birla Mandir :-  I always enjoy the visit to Birla Mandir. It makes me feel truly peaceful. There is an air of serenity in Birla Mandirs which I thoroughly enjoy. It is located on the Moti Dungari Hill of Rajasthan and is also referred to as the Laxmi Narayan Temple. It reveals the modern architectural styles.

Sisodia Rani Garden and Palace in Jaipur- A Place worth Visiting


We had a truly amazing trip to the Elefantastic in Jaipur. Haipur has a lot of things to offer and they never end. My trip to Jaipur was short and therefore I had to plan everything quite hurriedly. It was the fifth day of my stay in Jaipur and it was the day for a visit to the Sisodia Rani Garden and Palace in the city. We tightened our laces and started for the mesmerizing place. The palace is located at a distance of just 10 kilometers from the Jaipur central city and so we took a bus to cover the journey and reach our destination. The palace is tucked up on the Jaipur-Agra highway and is beautifully located for every visitor to go there for a beautiful trip.

Sisodia Rani Garden and Palace Jaipur

Sisodia Rani Garden and Palace Jaipur | Image Resource : populartemplesofindia.blogspot.in

The Sisodia Rani Garden and Palace was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh-2 as a mark of respect for his second wife in the year 1728. The queen apparently belonged to the Sisodia clan of Udaipur and which is why the name of the place has been dedicated to her birth place. The palace is also known as Sisodia Rani Bagh, which is just the other meaning of the English form of garden.


Garden | Image Resource : populartemplesofindia.blogspot.in

The garden is one of the finest creations in the city of Jaipur, There are beautiful fountains and extrinsic plants of flowers and other shrubs which adorn the place more beautifully. There are lovely paintings of the Hindu God Lord Krishna and his love interest Radha on the walls of the building. There are also several galleries where the portraits of the king and several other paintings of Lord Krishna are kept. The design of the garden is inspired from the Mughal architecture style and the presence of the Charbagh truly represents Mughal art style.

There are sparkling pools and pavilions within the gallery as well which are dazzling and leave the viewers speechless with its abundance of beauty. There are other images of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva at the entrance of the garden and palace which marks the entrance into the Sisodia Rani Garden and Palace. The location of the palace is in an idyllic and calm place which is quite away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Travel Photo Of The Week : Albert Hall Museum Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur | Image Resource : Wikipedia.org

Albert Hall Museum :- I am great fan of industrial arts. Ienjoy viewing different creations of local craftsmen. This could be one reason why I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur. The museum was built during the visit of Prince of Wales to India. The museum is named after Prince Edward of Wales as the Albert Hall.