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Experienced the best of Wildlife at Allen Forest Zoo Kanpur


My hometown, Kanpur, is otherwise known to be the industrial nerve center of Uttar Pradesh in North India. It is also regarded as Leather City for Kanpur is home to largest and the finest tanneries not only in India but the whole of Asia as well.There have been many glorious tales about the city and a huge number of corresponding monuments and tourist attractions have also been recognized lately.

A view of Kanpur

A view of Kanpur | Image Resource : skyscrapercity.com

Apart from the numerous ghats, temples and shrines located in Kanpur, one can easily relate the city to one of its major tourist spots, the Allen Forest Zoo. Widespread across 200 acres of land, the Allen Forest Zoo Kanpur is one of the very few zoos in India that have been upgraded from a natural forest. Although I am busy for the rest of my time, I manage to somehow be at the zoo and experience core wildlife at its best. As an animal-loving person I just cannot get enough of viewing the beautiful creations of nature. Furry, winged and colourful, the sights of watching birds and animals surrounding you is simply tremendous!

Tiger Kanpur Zoo

Tiger Kanpur Zoo | Image Resource : fanpop.com

Of course I miss going on for one-day forest safaris but then I give a great thought to myself that when I am in the midst of such stunning and impeccable creations of Mother Nature, I need not long for more.Hence, whenever I make it up to the Allen Forest Zoo, I make it a point to carry back lifesized snaps of my favourite animals there. Some of them include Musk Deer, Asian Tigers, Asiatic Lions, Indian Gharial, Jaguars, and Antelopes.

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Last time when I made a quick trip to the zoo with my friends, I was amazed to witness an emu, ostrich, toddy cat, parakeets, European fowl and various other Latin American birds as well. The officials have developed a special aviary wherein the birds have been carefully placed and tended to on a regular basis.

I have also captured some fun moments in my cam wherein my friends wildly posed against the backdrop of the life sized dinosaur structures. It was truly one of my amazing journeys to the prestigious Allen Forest Zoo. So until next time, Ciao!