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Fill Your Hearts With Pride And Patriotism On This Republic Day

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Description : Our democracy has helped every man and woman claim right for employment, food and shelter. The very reason democracy is working successfully in a nation as large as ours is because of our constitution. This republic day, celebrate the spirit of freedom and equality and pay respects to the people who made it happen.


Destination of the Week – Lahaul Valley

Lahaul Valley

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Lahaul Valley : This spot is not accessible by all tourists. It is beautiful but the way to this spot is brutal and harsh and unsettling. If you are ready for the journey and are passionate about travelling, you will surely love this place. The beautiful sites, the snow and just the air that surrounds you will captivate you!

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden: The Pride of Chandigarh


After the Sukhna Lake the very next destination that I visited was the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden.  It is also a botanical garden located in the city of Chandigarh and stretches over an area of 30 acres of land. It is spread over an area of 30 acres of land and comprises of about 50000 rose bushes which belong to 1600 different variety of roses. This phenomenal centre of tourist attraction is named after the former president Dr. Zakir Hussain and was created in the year 1967.

The garden is a heritage for the city as it holds the distinction as Asia’s largest botanical rose garden. The best season to visit this place is the winter season. It is during this season that the roses are at full bloom and the view is truly breath taking. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I was gaping at the beautiful colours of nature that were spread over the whole area. Even the breeze carried the delicate fragrance of the beautiful roses.

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden | Image Resource :

The Zakir Hussain Rose garden is a very popular picnic spot and is most preferred by families who come to take a stroll here along with their children who love to play in the lush green grass that covers the whole garden.  Pathways have been laid all across the garden to enable walkers to take a view of the beautiful roses as they follow their fitness regime.

It seemed to be a very lively place to me as there were children playing all around the garden and the colourful roses added a vibrant charm to the environment. Apart from the roses the garden also houses plants of medicinal value such as camphor, harar, bel, gulmohar etc. The garden also holds other attractions for tourists such as a variety of outlets that offer food and drinks, joyrides are also part of the tourist recreational services.

It was a very soothing experience for me to relax in the rose garden and spend my time observing people and children. I felt very light and time flew in the blink of an eye when I was at this beautiful garden.

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden Chandigarh

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden Chandigarh | Image Resource :

Destination of the Week – Elante Mall Chandigarh

Elante Mall Chandigarh

Elante Mall Chandigarh | Image Resource :

Elante Mall Chandigarh – When you step to this mall you literally feel that the saying is hundred percent true “mall and youngsters have a close relationship”! When I went to Elante Mall in Chandigarh, I saw the truth in this quote. The shops were packed with youngsters. Also, the charming and exciting ambience of the mall is the reason behind the crowds swarming this place!

Destination of the Week – International Dolls Museum Chandigarh

International Dolls Museum Chandigarh

International Dolls Museum Chandigarh | Image Resource :

International Dolls Museum Chandigarh – If there is one place that definitely swept me off, I would say it is this international dolls museum in Chandigarh…a place that carries utmost beauty! The attractive variety of dolls at the Dolls Museum is simply mind blowing. To top it all, this entire property at Chandigarh was maintained so neatly and the surroundings too was pristine!

The Botanical Garden and Nature Park of Chandigarh


After visiting the Government museum and art gallery I wanted to explore more of the beautiful city of Chandigarh. I had heard a lot about the botanical garden of the city and was quite eager to explore it. Hence the next destination that I visited while my stay at Chandigarh was the botanical garden and nature park of Chandigarh.

I am a nature lover and I love to find refuge in the arms of nature to relax myself from my busy schedule that pertains to my marketing profession. Hence I was already hoping to spend a very soothing and calming time in midst of the natural settings of this botanical garden.

botanical garden & nature park chandigarh

Botanical Garden and Nature Park of Chandigarh | Image Resource :

The botanical garden of Chandigarh is located near the village Sarangpur of Chandigarh and is easily commutable from all parts of the city via public transport. As the climate of Chandigarh is very pleasant due to its location at the foothills of the Shivalik ranges a botanical garden is an appropriate venture to protect as well as nurture diverse varieties of flora that can be fruitfully grown in this region.

The botanical garden of Chandigarh houses numerous varieties of plant species including medicinal herbs, shrubs and decorative plants, creepers, climbers and a lot more. I was delighted to be surrounded by such natural treasure.

cactus garden at botanical garden and nature park of chandigarh

Cactus Garden at Botanical Garden and Nature Park of Chandigarh | Image Resource :

The vast expanse of green that is meticulously maintained in this site of great tourist significance stretches over an area of 176 acres of land. Not only the garden, another attraction that adds to the huge influx of visitors is the fact that this botanical garden has been connected to a nature reserve known as the Patiala- ki- Rao via a causeway.

The forest spreads over an area of 350 acres of land. Hence the whole idea of the botanical garden accompanied by a huge expanse of wilderness turns out to be a treat for nature lovers.

I was really happy to escape to this area of wilderness and experience nature at its best. The whole area is maintained with great toil and precision to preserve the biodiversity and also for research purposes, where one can discover a range of exquisite species of plants.

Destination of the Week – Bhitarkanika Sanctuary Orissa

Bhitarkanika Sanctuary Orissa

Bhitarkanika Sanctuary Orissa | Image Resource :

Description :-  Bhitarkanika National Park is a great place for all nature lovers like me. The park is one of the top tourist destinations of Odisha. It is a home to various wild animals like Leopard Cat, Partially White Crocodile Hyena, Marine Turtle, King Cobra and several other species of wild animals and reptiles.


Chandipur Beach Balasore : A Great Neat and Clean Beach to Be At

Chandipur Beach Balasore

Chandipur Beach Balasore | Image Resource :

The next stop in my trip was the Chandipur Beach Balasore. I had to travel a lot because it was located in the outskirts of the city. After reaching the place I observed that the size of the beach is good and it had been well maintained and by well-maintained I mean that the beach was clean and seemed a great place to spend good amount of time.

Sunset At Beach

Sunset At Beach | Image Resource :

I got excited and unpacked my stuff so as to go and lie down at a good area in the beach and after that enjoy the waves of the mighty Bay of Bengal. I didn’t waste a single moment and rushed to change clothes and enjoy the sun. I spent most of the time lying down under the sun on the beach. The sun-bath was a good relaxing experience and after that, I tried making a few things out of sand.

Beach View

Beach View | Image Resource :

I always dreamt of making a perfect castle out of sand from a very small age and then I got the opportunity to try my hands at it. It seemed easy in the start but turned out to be quite difficult as the complications grew. Though I faced a lot of difficulties in the beginning, I was finally able to create a good looking castle with the help of a local boy who came to my help after watching my repeated failures closely for a fair amount of time. My next wish was to take a dive in the waves splashing on the shores of the beach. The sunset was way too beautiful to witness and we enjoyed every single moment of the natural landscape.

We then had little sea food at the nearest local restaurant and it was very cheap and tasty to have. With this our journey at the Chandipur Beach Balasore came to a halt and we were planning to move to our next destination and keep enjoying to the fullest. After getting refreshed in the sea waters, I fell in love with the place and was ready to go anywhere nearby in order to witness something new.

Destination of the Week – Ravenshaw University Cuttack

Ravenshaw University Cuttack

Ravenshaw University Cuttack | Image Resource :

Description :-  The Ravenshaw University Cuttack is a must visit for people who love architecture or have an inclination towards history. I loved the architecture of the building and clicked several pictures of the building. I was excited when I learnt the fact that the great Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose studied here.


Barabati Stadium Cuttack : A Cricket Ground with Historical Importance

Barabati Stadium Cuttack

Barabati Stadium Cuttack | Image Resource :

After a good time at the barrage we all moved next to our next destination of interest and it was Barabati Stadium Cuttack. I used the word interest because it is a cricket stadium and the world knows the fact about the country India that here cricket is not a mere game or a simple addiction. It is a religion and the god is our own beloved master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

Usually we all go to a stadium on the day when matches are being held as the environment at any stadium in India during any match is way too good and electrifying. The stadium when we visited was all empty but we managed to get inside it and have a seat. I also got to chat with the grounds man present there and it was all because of the presence of a good friend accompanying us in this trip who had sources inside the place.

Barabati Fort

Barabati Fort | Image Resource :

We learnt a fact or two that the stadium was constructed out of a place of the Barabati Fort which we had visited earlier and can house a crowd of 30000 people at a go. The place has a lot of history and India’s 3rd international match in the country was also played at this ground and since then this ground has been in existence and doing well.

The place was never a popular Test match site but is frequently used for One-day cricket matches and even T20 internationals when India plays at home. It is also a popular stadium because it’s the home ground for one IPL team and many of the league matches are played here too. The stadium has been historically important and it’s beautiful too. We got the opportunity to walk on the ground and go near the pitch too but not to touch it as it’s forbidden since it’s an international site for cricket games.

The atmosphere at the Barabati Stadium Cuttack was great and we were excited to watch a match at such a stadium which is of historical importance. Thus we decided to come here again if a match is held here as we wish to experience the lively environment. However, for now we had to move on to the next destination in our trip. Now i’m not affraid of travel booking. Who thought installing a travel organizer app would make things so easy for me.