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Regional Science Center, Bhopal – An Abode of Modern Era Technology


My next destination in my itinerary list was the Regional Science Center in Bhopal. The science center is located on the Shyamala Hills which adds as an advantage of viewing the entire city of Bhopal. Being a nature lover, I am always on for those trips which give me knowledge about facts about India with a touch of nature and its resources.

A model of the Indira Sagar Power Station

A model of the Indira Sagar Power Station |  Image Resource : go4gkbhopal.blogspot.in

The Regional Science center is a five-acre field which includes a three-acre long Science park and over sixty demonstrations. The day we visited the park was advantageously lucky for us as there were many children inside the park, mostly students w ho came from the Demonstration Multipurpose School, Bhopal. It was like a scientific excursion for the students with whom we also enjoyed a lot. Being an ardent lover of wildlife and forests how could I miss the Dinosaur Park and zoo inside the park? I and friends went inside the zoo and captured some good pictures in my lenses.

Mechanical Energy -Rube Goldberg Machine

Mechanical Energy -Rube Goldberg Machine |  Image Resource : wikipedia.org

We went through the park, the park was well maintained we walked to the 3D Film and Taramandal  where the show was being played. The 3D Film show has various categories starting from wildlife to scientific research films. The entry fee is just Rs. 10. Then we went for the Taramandal Show for Rs.2 per head which was aired in a close dark room that just resembled our galaxy. It is a perfect gathering and hang out place for geeks who love learning in an interactive way.

The Regional Science Center was built in the year 1995 on 12th January by Late Shankar dayal Sharma, who was the President of India then. One can find many interesting activities inside the park, such as rings that defy gravity, carom boards shaped in the form of ellipse with attached magnets that was supported by invisible lines of forces.

With an entry fee of just Rs.10, the scientific park offers a great material to learn with interactive fun-filled working exhibits. I was spellbound and was proud for my idea of travel was bit different this time that included fulfilled my learning purpose as well.