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In The Mesmerizing Land Of Bollywood: The Acting Classes In Mumbai Bloom!

In The Mesmerizing Land Of Bollywood: The Acting Classes In Mumbai Bloom!

Hey I am Savar Pandey from Kanpur and I have a job which I love. Being a Marketing professional, I have to travel around. But the moment I feel that it is getting monotonous, I start travelling to different places. The food I get to eat and the various locales are simply wonderful and give me a great feeling.

Of late I have been getting a lot of travel assignments to Mumbai and I often go there for a number of days or weeks. The last time I went to this Bollywood capital, a number of my clients were very much into Bollywood and some even attended acting classes. There was this client who gave me an intense talk, about Acting classes in Mumbai, and it is one activity that helps a person escape from the tensions of life and makes life more progressive and interesting. To top it, this can even blossom into a very lucrative career as directors are always on the lookout for fresh faces and talent.

Acting classes in Mumbai

Acting classes in Mumbai | Image Resource : topyaps.com, filmtvcoursesmumbai.blogspot.com

Discovering The Actor In Me Through: The Acting Classes In Mumbai

Taking his advice seriously I went to several acting classes just to check out how things work there and what my chances of joining some of them are. The first was Anupam Kher’s-Actor Prepares. Though there was a three-month course, I found that there were weekend, short courses and diploma and even part-time courses. Even a customized workshop was available with easy timings, lunch and break-fast availability.

Anupam Kher’s-Actor Prepares

Anupam Kher’s-Actor Prepares | Image Resource : actorprepares.net

Another place which I have been hearing a lot and that has been around since ages is the Kishore Namit Kapoor acting school. His 6 months course seems full of promise as he promises to fill in lots, as much as 5 year of training into these 6 months. This is one of the acting classes in Mumbai where, after an interactive curriculum he also promises to put up the profile of the actors on the website. Anupam Kher’s-Actor Prepares.

Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting School

Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting School | Image Resource : oorvazifilmeducation.wordpress.com

Kishore Namit Kapoor posing with his Students

Kishore Namit Kapoor posing with his Students | Image Resource : oorvazifilmeducation.wordpress.com

All these classes I discovered needed dedicated hours which I did hope, I would be able to give soon, when I may take a break for a year or six months.