The Government Museum and Art Gallery of Chandigarh


The next destination that I visited on my Chandigarh trip was the government museum and art gallery of Chandigarh. Works of art and history always draw my interest and hence I was very keep to visit this well renowned museum in the beautiful planned city of Chandigarh. The museum is located in the heart of the city and holds a mesmerising view of the Shivaliks which makes it an even more preferred site for visitors from far and nearby places.

This prominent museum holds its existence since the partition of India and Pakistan in August of 1947. Prior to the partition all the collectibles of the museum were housed in the Central Museum of Lahore, now in Pakistan. After the event of partition 60 percent of the exhibits were retained by the Lahore museum and the rest was returned back to the Government museum of Chandigarh. The museum is a premiere institution of India with a very rich collection of Gandharan sculptures and Pahari and Rajasthani style miniature paintings.

Apart from the collectibles this museum is also very famous for its scenic beauty and the Government college of Art that is located on one size of the main building. The museum has a sprawling campus with a widely spread out courtyard. There are tall trees and contemporary environmentally suitable sculptures that add to the grandeur of the area.

Government Museum and Art Gallery of Chandigarh

Government Museum and Art Gallery of Chandigarh | Image Resource :

The museum comprises of four wings, namely the art gallery, the natural history museum, Chandigarh architecture museum and the national gallery of portraits. No doubt the largest wing of this museum is the building dedicated to the Art gallery and houses some of the most prestigious artefacts that are kept for public display.

The very interesting wing of this museum is the Chandigarh architecture museum, as it houses some of the original documents and blue prints regarding the planning and evolution of the city. If one wishes to know more about the architecture of the city he can purchase the handbook that is available on sale at the reception counter of this wing. I was quite satisfied as I returned to my hotel in the evening. It was indeed a very knowledgeable experience for me.


Destination of the Week – Open Hand Monument Chandigarh

Open Hand Monument Chandigarh

Open Hand Monument Chandigarh | Image Resource :

Open Hand Monument Chandigarh : Wondering what the official emblem of Chandigarh signifies, did I visit the Open Hand Monument. I was thrilled to gather that, the open hand also functions as a weathercock that swivels according to the blowing wind. Posing as one of Le Corbusier’s best, this monument shoots the social message of ‘Open to give and Open to Receive’ ideology which is relevant for many modern theories today.

The Sculpture Garden of Chandigarh: Rock Garden


On the first day of my stay at Chandigarh I went to visit the sculpture garden i.e. the Rock garden in Chandigarh. I had heard a lot about this garden as it is made up of industrial waste and thrown away items of households. I grabbed my camera and headed towards this tourist destination which is easily commutable from all parts of the city via public transport.  The entry fee is very nominal and there are a couple of cafeterias and canteens in the vicinity that satisfy the appetite of visitors.

Sculptures at Rock Garden

Sculptures at Rock Garden | Image Resource :

The rock garden was built by Nek Chand who was a government official. He started this garden clandestinely in the year 1957 when he used to spend his spare time building the artefacts of this garden. Presently this garden stretches over an area of 40 acres of land. This garden became so popular over time that it is visited by over 5000 people per day and almost more than 12 million tourists have visited this place since its inception.

The most distinctive feature about the Rock garden is that it completely made up of waste. Such form of recycling is not only a very unique for of art but is also environment friendly. The sculptures of dancers, musicians and animals made up of recycled ceramics are the most famous entities of this garden. This is a beautiful place to visit for vacationers and picnickers due to its artificial interlinked waterfalls which offer a perfect site to nature lovers.

Waterfall at Rock Garden

Waterfall at Rock Garden | Image Resource :

There are hundreds of sculptures in this garden which are completely carved out of bottles, bangles, glasses, tiles, sinks, ceramic pots, electric waste and many more such by products. All these items are displayed in the walled paths of the garden.

Dancing Girls at Rock Garden

Dancing Girls at Rock Garden | Image Resource :

There are many publications also that have praised the amazing work of Nek Chand. Apart from this the beautiful scenic surroundings the garden also has good eateries that offer delicious snacks to tourists. I scanned the whole garden and then had some snacks in the evening. It was a memorable trip for me and I was quite happy to have seen such distinctive and unique work of art in the Rock garden of Chandigarh.

Destination of the Week – Bougainvillea Garden Chandigarh

Bougainvillea Garden Chandigarh

Bougainvillea Garden Chandigarh | Image Resource :

Bougainvillea Garden Chandigarh : An entire week with my grandparents went well and what tops the list was my visit to this garden with my grandfather who was in the army. An evening walk in the park, gently crushing the fallen bougainvillea flowers, under the dusking sky only hearing to the birds’ chirping and my Grand dad’s war time stories really made me realize that I belong in there somewhere. The war memorial is also worth the visit.

My train journey from Kanpur to Chandigarh


Being a marketing person by profession I have a very hectic schedule. I am very committed towards my job and hence I am most of the time engaged with it. But in between this busy and tiring schedule of mine I make sure to squeeze out some time to travel and spend time with family and friends. This time I took a most needed break from my job and decided to visit the beautiful city of Chandigarh.

I believe in simple living and high thinking thus I prefer to travel via trains or buses so that I may also enjoy the journey to my destination. So I booked my tickets on the ac compartment of Hwh Dli Klk mail i.e. train number 12311 which runs between Howrah junction (HWH) and Kalka (KLK) railway station. The Chandigarh railway station (CDG) comes on its route where I had to un- board.

Hwh Dli Klk Mail

Hwh Dli Klk Mail | Image Resource :

This train leaves the Howrah junction at 19:40 hours and reaches Chandigarh at 3:50 hours in duration of 3 days after covering a distance of 1706 kilometres. It was going to be a long journey but I was happy to travel the traditional style. The train has a good pantry service and food was not a problem during the entire journey.

On my route the train stopped at many stations that include Durgapur, Gaya junction, Mughal Sarai Junction, Kanpur central, Etawah, Delhi, Ambala cant Junction and then finally reaches Chandigarh where I had to go.  I boarded the train at the Kanpur central where it arrives at 12:35 hours and it took me one full day to reach my destination.

Kanpur Central

Kanpur Central | Image Resource :

There are a number of trains from Kanpur to Chandigarh that can be easily checked on the internet i.e. the Indian railways website and also on popular travel agency websites that help to book tickets for two way journey between almost all the stations and thus makes the process of planning a travel very convenient.

Gone are the days when people used to stand in long queues and book tickets on the ticket window.  Now it’s the age of cyber technology and hence booking tickets is possible on the go. Out of all the trains from Kanpur to Chandigarh I made my reservations on the train number 12311 as it best suited my timings and runs on all week days. It has proper pantry service and the route traced by it is also quite good.

Why to Plan Holidays with Friends


I have some really insane group of friends. Hence, every once in a while I make it a point to plan a trip with them. It is always fun and gets us in a nostalgic mode. It is very necessary to be connected with “close-to-heart” buddies. Following are some of the reasons why you should prefer going on trip with your friends:

You know them :

If you are travelling alone then making friends is not an easy job. While, travelling often we do not trust strangers. Even if you meet an interesting individual who is really fun to hangout with, you still need few days to spend time with him/her. One needs to understand how people react to certain situations. You can’t just ask a person everything at once and be friends. Imagine the conversion like “Hey, what is your name ? where do you come from ? Where to your work ?  Now lets be friends !”

Thus, Travelling with a familiar faces is always the best option. When you are with a friend time passes in a jiffy. Long trip gets shorter, moments become memorable, difficult situation turns fun. You are familiar with your friends and you trust them. You know how they will react to your pranks or mistakes. With friends you don’t have to hesitate before asking for help.

Friends know each others shortcomings and strength. This makes planning your trip and dividing travel tasks a lot simpler. You are having this compatibility with each other which makes the journey even more enjoyable.

Holidays with Friends

Holidays with Friends | Image Resource :

Similar interests and taste.

Even if you try to annoy your friends, they still always enjoy your company. Often friends share some common interest or make an effort to enjoy each other for the sake of each other. I still remember one of my old trips where my friend Ashish started dancing in the middle of a crowded Delhi street. This was embarrassing but we enjoyed every moment of it.

Make some noise.

You may have noticed that a trip alone or with a stranger is a mostly a silent trip. Whereas, a trip with some of your best friends often gets crazy. Vacationing with your buddies is full of surprises. So I would always recommend it.

Hope you liked this blog. Feel free to share thoughts or comments.

Destination of the Week – Ansupa Lake Odisha

Ansupa Lake Odisha

Ansupa Lake Odisha | Image Resource :

Ansupa Lake Odisha : Anshupa Lake of Odisha is a great tourist destination in the North East. The place is known for the different aquatic birds that arrive here every season. Nature photographers love to click the pictures of this lake and also of the birds. It is a must visit if you are planning a trip to Odisha.

Culture and Festivals Balasore: A Unique Blend of Traditions and Values


Balasore is a famous tourist destination in the state of Orissa and people flock here in abundance.  The city is famous for its national and international tourists as well as the culture and festivals at Balasore. The picturesque beauty of the exotic beach with the help of its festivals and cultural programs has made it an important tourist hub. After stepping inside the city and surrounding myself with its warmth I came to realize the importance of festivals and culture in one’s life as every small thing in the city reflected its ancient and cultural heritage.

A unique blend of festivals and traditions is what the place is all about. The people are friendly and eager to celebrate life through their festivals like Holi, Christmas, Good Friday, Diwali, Eid, Dussera, Navaratri, Moharram, Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi and Maha Shivratri. The diverse festivals are celebrated with eager breath by all that is by every person belonging to any religious groups.

Culture and Festivals Balasore

Culture and Festivals Balasore | Image Resource :

The people get together irrespective of their religion and celebrate all with equal aplomb.The culture of the city is also reflected through its historical temples. Temples of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are very popular amongst the devotees. There are famous places of worship for people belonging to the Jain community, the Muslim community and even Buddhists. Statues of Lord Buddha have been discovered in many places.  The Vishnu temples highlight and focus on the cultural fascinations and inclinations of people.

I took many beautiful pictures of these places. I wanted to show my friends the diverse culture and their love and tolerance for each other and also each other’s religion through my photographs.

Looking at the culture and festivals at Balasore, I have come to realize that the same is simply reflected and revealed through the people of that place as well as their ancient heritage buildings. The outlook of the common man decides whether the city or state or the country is rich in its culture and if they all are eager to celebrate functions and festivals then the place is surely rich in its culture. The trip of Balasore has been an eye-opener as it has helped me immensely in gaining knowledge.

Deer Park Orissa: A Great Place to Witness Varied Deer Species


we all moved onto our next destination and this time it was an interesting one too because it was Deer Park Orissa. With interesting I want to say the essence of being in a place filled with wildlife is great and I always enjoy great time at such places having a serene environment which makes mind and soul more peaceful.

The temperate was soothing as our time of visit and it was around 22 degree Celsius and it was a great feeling as we all took a jeep to go into the Deer Park and experience the wildlife. The trees in the forest had many varied species of birds resting on them. We couldn’t identify any because all of them were rare and I hadn’t seen them before but the guide told us about a few and this way we managed to witness a few rare birds which was a treat for the eyes.

Deer Park Orissa

Deer Park Orissa | Image Resource :

Many birds like the kingfishers and woodpeckers which looked very beautiful were also spotted by us and the DLSR camera helped us to snap a few pictures with ease and without disturbing the wildlife. The main highlight of the park was the deer and the real treat to the eyes because they were all around the park and seemed most common animals to be present there. Variety of deer like the spotted ones and non-spotted one were most common.

Normally people fail to notice the fauna at such places in the excitement of spotting animals but we didn’t make the same mistake and we did keep an eye on the trees and plants in the region which led us to see and witness beautiful rare species of plants which had wild flowers on them and even insects which were just everywhere around us outside the jeep.

The environment at the Deer Park Orissa was very peace and serene and so we all enjoyed a lot at the place and also made us little calm by the end of the trip and with this we decided to move onto the next phase of our journey.

Destination of the Week – Bhitarkanika Sanctuary Orissa

Bhitarkanika Sanctuary Orissa

Bhitarkanika Sanctuary Orissa | Image Resource :

Description :-  Bhitarkanika National Park is a great place for all nature lovers like me. The park is one of the top tourist destinations of Odisha. It is a home to various wild animals like Leopard Cat, Partially White Crocodile Hyena, Marine Turtle, King Cobra and several other species of wild animals and reptiles.