Chandipur Beach Balasore : A Great Neat and Clean Beach to Be At

Chandipur Beach Balasore

Chandipur Beach Balasore | Image Resource :

The next stop in my trip was the Chandipur Beach Balasore. I had to travel a lot because it was located in the outskirts of the city. After reaching the place I observed that the size of the beach is good and it had been well maintained and by well-maintained I mean that the beach was clean and seemed a great place to spend good amount of time.

Sunset At Beach

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I got excited and unpacked my stuff so as to go and lie down at a good area in the beach and after that enjoy the waves of the mighty Bay of Bengal. I didn’t waste a single moment and rushed to change clothes and enjoy the sun. I spent most of the time lying down under the sun on the beach. The sun-bath was a good relaxing experience and after that, I tried making a few things out of sand.

Beach View

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I always dreamt of making a perfect castle out of sand from a very small age and then I got the opportunity to try my hands at it. It seemed easy in the start but turned out to be quite difficult as the complications grew. Though I faced a lot of difficulties in the beginning, I was finally able to create a good looking castle with the help of a local boy who came to my help after watching my repeated failures closely for a fair amount of time. My next wish was to take a dive in the waves splashing on the shores of the beach. The sunset was way too beautiful to witness and we enjoyed every single moment of the natural landscape.

We then had little sea food at the nearest local restaurant and it was very cheap and tasty to have. With this our journey at the Chandipur Beach Balasore came to a halt and we were planning to move to our next destination and keep enjoying to the fullest. After getting refreshed in the sea waters, I fell in love with the place and was ready to go anywhere nearby in order to witness something new.

Destination of the Week – Ravenshaw University Cuttack

Ravenshaw University Cuttack

Ravenshaw University Cuttack | Image Resource :

Description :-  The Ravenshaw University Cuttack is a must visit for people who love architecture or have an inclination towards history. I loved the architecture of the building and clicked several pictures of the building. I was excited when I learnt the fact that the great Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose studied here.


Barabati Stadium Cuttack : A Cricket Ground with Historical Importance

Barabati Stadium Cuttack

Barabati Stadium Cuttack | Image Resource :

After a good time at the barrage we all moved next to our next destination of interest and it was Barabati Stadium Cuttack. I used the word interest because it is a cricket stadium and the world knows the fact about the country India that here cricket is not a mere game or a simple addiction. It is a religion and the god is our own beloved master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

Usually we all go to a stadium on the day when matches are being held as the environment at any stadium in India during any match is way too good and electrifying. The stadium when we visited was all empty but we managed to get inside it and have a seat. I also got to chat with the grounds man present there and it was all because of the presence of a good friend accompanying us in this trip who had sources inside the place.

Barabati Fort

Barabati Fort | Image Resource :

We learnt a fact or two that the stadium was constructed out of a place of the Barabati Fort which we had visited earlier and can house a crowd of 30000 people at a go. The place has a lot of history and India’s 3rd international match in the country was also played at this ground and since then this ground has been in existence and doing well.

The place was never a popular Test match site but is frequently used for One-day cricket matches and even T20 internationals when India plays at home. It is also a popular stadium because it’s the home ground for one IPL team and many of the league matches are played here too. The stadium has been historically important and it’s beautiful too. We got the opportunity to walk on the ground and go near the pitch too but not to touch it as it’s forbidden since it’s an international site for cricket games.

The atmosphere at the Barabati Stadium Cuttack was great and we were excited to watch a match at such a stadium which is of historical importance. Thus we decided to come here again if a match is held here as we wish to experience the lively environment. However, for now we had to move on to the next destination in our trip. Now i’m not affraid of travel booking. Who thought installing a travel organizer app would make things so easy for me.

Arpita Beach Resort Balasore : An Easily Accessible Location With Warm Hospitality


After my visit to the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack I decided to visit the city of Balasore. For my stay I had already decided to book a room at the Arpita Beach Resort Balasore and I was eager to reach my hotel room. The city of Balasore in Orissa is very popular and famous with many tourist attractions which invite the people from all the corners of the world including both national and international visitors.

With the help of the information available online I had already booked a seat at the hotel so as to save time and any hassle which may occur. So I was mentally free of any tension of finding accommodations. The Beach Resort was a two star hotel with the check-in time at 12.00 noon and check-out time at 11.00AM. I decided to rest at this recommended hotel and I stayed at this hotel throughout my journey which was enough for me to know about the hotel services. It was located at a nearby distance of mere three minutes from the Chandipur Beach.

Arpita Beach Resort

Arpita Beach Resort | Image Resource :

I had the freedom to choose from a wide variety of rooms like Super Deluxe room, premium room, Classic Deluxe Room, Executive suite and Executive room and I had booked a super Deluxe Room where all the facilities for a comfortable stay were available. The rooms were clean and large and my stay was comfortable.


Bedroom | Image Resource :

This budget hotel had all the possible amenities for a pleasant stay. There are twenty eight rooms in two floors and all the rooms were ideally decorated with simple décor and warm ambience. The rooms had modern facilities like air conditioning, color television, telephone services, internet access and an attached bathroom. The hotel authorities provided room service, daily housekeeping and arrangement of nearby sightseeing tours. Free parking was also available for the incoming guests with Doctor-on-call facilities on demand. I ate the local cuisine in the hotel restaurant and it was delicious.

Arpita Beach Resort Balasore had an easy location with lush and beautiful settings. The pleasant hospitality of the staff was very refreshing. It proved to be a good choice for myself and was also good value for one’s money. The hotel authorities offered the best possible services and then I was ready for my visit to the Chandipur Beach Balasore.

Destination of the Week – St. Vincent’s Convent School Balasore

St. Vincent's Convent School Balasore

St. Vincent’s Convent School Balasore | Image Resource :


Description :-  The St Vincent’s Convent School Balasore is an amazing English Medium School located in Odisha. It is a popular and reputed school. We drove past this school and realised that it was one of the prominent schools in Odisha. We even clicked a few pictures of the school. I have added the images to my Odisha album.

Mahanadi Barrage Cuttack : A Necessity for the Welfare of the People


One of the major rivers of the eastern India is the River Mahanadi which travels through the two states of Odisha and Chhattisgarh. The Mahanadi Barrage Cuttack has been built as an artificial obstruction on the river so as to divert its flow. The river Mahanadi has the distinction of having one of the oldest and most important dams in our country that was built for controlling the flood. The barrage is very useful in checking the waters of the river as otherwise the river will get out of control creating havoc in its aftermath.

Mahanadi Barrage Cuttack

Mahanadi Barrage Cuttack | Image Resource :

The barrage on this river has many gates that are helpful in controlling the river water and even allowing the water to flow periodically for irrigation purposes. The view around this barrage is very beautiful and I could see the magnificent view of River Mahanadi flowing in its total glory. It was an awe inspiring sight that can’t be completely expressed in words. When I reached there, the place was not too crowded and hence I had a peaceful ambience.

The cool breeze blowing through the place was very pleasant and soothing. I could feel myself relaxing and letting go of all my worries and tensions. This scenic spot is perfect for a romantic outing also. There were many vendors and hawkers selling many gift items and I bought a few as souvenirs for friends and family members. I was sure that they would love those items. A food stall was also there which was very crowded as the pleasing and mouthwatering aroma coming through the food items was forcing everybody to go there.

Being an avid foodie I could not stop myself and hence had to go to the stall and taste some of the items. The food served was very delicious and tasty and truly, I had one of the best eating experiences. I took many pictures of this place so that I could show it to everybody back home. The visit to Mahanadi Barrage Cuttack was a calming and soothing experience.  I was then ready to make plans for my next destination and that was the Barabati Stadium.

Destination Of The Week : Bhujakhia Pir Balasore

Bhujakhia Pir Balasore

Bhujakhia Pir Balasore | Image Resource :

Bhujakhia Pir Balasore :- The Bhujakhia Pir Balasore is a tomb of a Sufi Saint located at the heart of the city in Odisha.It was initially named the Hajrat Swale Mohammad. The shrine is notable as a symbol of Hindu and Muslim harmony in secular India. I really enjoyed the visit to this shrine.

Cuttack Chandi Temple : A Tranquil Atmosphere Giving Immense Pleasure


I was interested in seeing the well known Cuttack Chandi Temple. I had heard and also read about it a lot and hence was very curious to see this historical temple. I come from a spiritual family and being a big devotee of God, I made sure that I visited this powerful temple. It is one of the oldest temples in the country and is dedicated and committed to the Goddess Chandi who presides as the city goddess.

Situated near the River Mahanadi this is a world famous temple visited by devotees from all around the world. When I was visiting the premises I came to know about some unique myths and predictions surrounding the temple. Devi Mahatmyam is worshipped as Devi Chandi in the inner sanctum of the temple. The Goddess is clothed in different dresses depicting her different avatars during the Navaratri festival period. Durga puja and also the famous Kali Puja are celebrated exclusively with great pomp and grandeur as they are also the other faces or avatars of Maa Chandika.

Cuttack Chandi Temple

Cuttack Chandi Temple | Image Resource :

The idol of the goddess is shown as having four hands and each hand is depicting something or other. One of the hands is holding the Ankusha and the other is holding the Paasha whereas the third hand is conceding boons and the fourth hand is ousting fears. I was captivated by this mesmerizing idol. During the Durga Puja, devotees stand in long queues to get a view of Maa Chandi and offer prayers and puja.

Maa Chandi

Maa Chandi | Image Resource :

I prayed for myself and my family in this auspicious temple. It gave me a very peaceful feeling and I was glad that I had come here as it is considered highly sacred by the locals. I learnt that they make sure that they ring the bell of the temple as a sign of good-luck.  Not only locals but devotees from far off distances visit the temple to worship the Goddess in all her different forms.

My visit to Cuttack Chandi Temple filled me with lot of positive vigour and I told myself I will revisit this temple whenever I get a chance again. I even took photographs of this place to show to my family.

Destination of the Week – Khirachora Gopinatha Temple Balasore

Khirachora Gopinatha Temple Balasore

Khirachora Gopinatha Temple Balasore | Image Resource :

Khirachora Gopinatha Temple Balasore :  The Khirachora Gopinatha Temple Balasore is a very beautiful and colourful temple of Lord Krishna. The idols here are painted in many colourful and vibrant hues. They are thoroughly unique and are sure to cheer you up. I am not very religious but I enjoyed the visit to this temple.

Netaji Birth Place Museum Cuttack : A Must Visit Tourist Spot


When I reached the Netaji Birth Place Museum Cuttack, it looked like as if my beautiful dream of visiting the spot had come true. It is known to all that one of the greatest national leaders named Subhas Chandra Bose was brought up in Cuttack. He was the leader of the INA which was an army created by Netaji to drive the Britishers out of India.

The government with the management committee of Orissa had taken the steps to create a wonderful museum in the honor of Netaji. The palace is definitely very well maintained and indeed very beautiful. I loved the concept on which the museum was built. The entrance of the place charged just rupee 1 per head. It is actually situated at the place where Netaji had spent almost all the time of his infancy. It is very well created and even well maintained.

Statue Of Subhas Chandra Bose

Statue Of Subhas Chandra Bose | Image Resource :

In total there are two floors in the house with various rooms which are designed to depict the different phases and stages of his life. I even read the letters written by him which truly brought tears to my eyes. There were a total of 12 Galleries.  I loved the room which depicted his political life and even the one which contained the letters which he had written in the prison. In the Gallery 9 there are many pictures of Netaji of his childhood while the Gallery 11 portrays his family life. Though every revelation and display are exquisite, the letters written by Subhas Chandra Bose during his life in the prison shows his pledge for all the philosophies and responsibilities he had towards the nation and even towards his family.

My visit to the place was really an amazing and knowledgeable one. Going through the rooms in the Netaji Birth Place Museum Cuttack showed the heroic deeds of Netaji, I was quite inspired by him. The place should be visited by all and I am very proud to belong to a country which gave birth to such an idol named Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. I now decided to visit the religious Cuttack Chandi Temple.