Barabati Fort Cuttack : A Symbol of the Glorious Past


After reaching Cuttack, the first destination we decided to go was the Barabati Fort Cuttack. The fort, as we had heard about, lies in ruins and is very old and almost destroyed. But when we reached there, we witnessed something which wasn’t quite expected. The location of the fort was not so far from the main city and it did not take us much time to reach the place.

Entrance Of Barabati Fort

Entrance Of Barabati Fort | Image Resource :

The fort was huge when we saw it from the outer side and when we went inside there were mostly remains of the old glories of the past left to look at. We were informed by the guide present there that once the fort housed a magnificent nine storey palace which was huge in size and was very luxurious but during wars it was very much destroyed and the remains were there in front of our eyes as the proof.

Bastions and ramparts of the fort

Bastions and ramparts of the fort | Image Resource :

The most extraordinary feature which I liked about the fort the moment I came to the door was the gateway itself. It is a huge arched gateway carved out beautifully from sandstone and also has many beautiful carvings on it which speak for themselves.

Another important highlight of the fort which made me run my brains to a great extent was the big ditch at one place. I didn’t know the purpose of the presence of the ditch inside a fort that too of such a huge size and thought a lot till the time came when I failed to reach to a conclusion.

We came to know from the guide who was present with us about the fact that the local authorities had started a campaign to maintain the fort as it’s a prized possession for them and a great tourist attraction all together. And they had been doing a god job as I could see a few developments going on at the place in order to preserve it well.

The trip to Barabati Fort Cuttack was a great one and with this we all aimed at our next destination which was the Museum representing Netaji’s birth, with a sense of excitement in our hearts.

Motivational Thought Of The Day – Marcus Aurelius

Motivational Thought

Motivational Thought | Image Resource :

Description :- Marcus Aurelius, one of the few Good Roman Emperors has spoken truly when he said “Waste no more time arguing about what good man should be, be one”. It is very easy to dictate what is wrong and right. But when we actuate through actions we understand the essence of doing good and create self-worth. Also people listen to the ones who has done the deed that he is preaching!

Nandan Kanan Express : The Starting Point of an Amazing Tour


Hi friends, Savar is back with yet another amazing tour experience as I am interested in sharing it with you all. This journey started with the travel from Kanpur to Orissa by Nandan Kanan Express. I have been working as a marketing professional for the last two years and sometimes one does need a break to rejuvenate and relax and that is what I did through this tour.  I decided to take a tour as travelling to different and exotic locations are what I love best.

I was dying to see and explore every nook and corner of the state of Orissa and that is why I decided to restrict my tour to just one state. But before embarking on the tour I needed all the relevant information and hence decided to log on to a reputable travel website known for its accurate information. The information available on the website was clear and comprehensive. Since it would prove helpful during my subsequent journey I wrote down all the important information. The next step was to book the train tickets and I did that online for the train Nandan Kanan Express. I was then ready for the tour.

Kanpur Central station

Kanpur Central station | Image Resource :

Travelling by train has its own charm. During the duration of the journey it is so easy to relax and enjoy life that I prefer travelling by train over travelling by flights. I reached the Kanpur Central station on time. The train Nandan Kanan Express marked 12816 makes its journey only on four days Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Nandan Kanan Express

Nandan Kanan Express | Image Resource :

The train reached the station at Kanpur at 12.20 PM and as it was scheduled to leave the station in just ten minutes, I quickly found my berth and arranged the luggage. By that time, the whistle was heard and the train started moving. The train journey was an amazing experience as I came across different kinds of hills, lush green fields and various towns. I ate different types of snacks provided during the journey by the train canteen members.

The train reached Cuttack the next day and by god’s grace it was on time. This was how the travel from Kanpur to Orissa by Nandan Kanan Express concluded and by the end of it, I was ready to visit some exotic locations like the Barabati Fort Cuttack.

Important Principles That Are Key To Good Marketing Strategy


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Marketing people have a very tough task to handle. They need to make sure that their marketing strategies are truly effective. They have to find ways and means to reach the customer. Earlier, it was easy to reach your clients as there were very few, newspapers and TV channels where you had to market. The extensive spread of android technology and the internet has made life difficult for a marketing executive. Here are some simple principles, which will help a marketing professional excel in his field.

  • Make the Business Objectives Clear
    You must have a clear idea what your business objective is. It is important because this helps you devise a useful marketing strategy for your product or service. Many people make the mistake of trying to make their visibility in all possible media channels. You must understand your product or service and know where they need to be marketed. This will help you have clear gains. If you go with the flow, you may never really succeed. These principles are known to help.


  • Establish Innovation Teams
    Innovation teams are essential in today’s markets. They can help you identify existing opportunities. They can also tell you ways to make the best use of these opportunities. The team can also run promotional campaigns. They help to collaborate with the product people. Having a team like this is a sure shot way to succeed. Once the team identifies such opportunities, they can be taken to higher levels by the organisation.


  • Consider Strategy and Innovation as Two Entities
    Many organisations and firms group innovation and strategy as one. This is a major drawback. These are two entities, which deserve equal attention and need to be treated separately. Good strategy helps you work out the procedures efficiently. Innovation may often be required as it opens new channels. Innovation is the key to success of any firm or business.

These are a few factors one needs to understand if he has to be successful in his marketing career. Staying updated with the current trends is also very helpful.

Delicious Dish Of The Day : Bengali Sweet Sandesh

Bengali Sweet Sandesh

Bengali Sweet Sandesh | Image Resource :

Description :- The Bengalis pronounce this dish as (shon-daesh) and it is a dish that is present in all households for any of their celebrations. It is very yummy and made out of paneer, almonds, pistachios and the saffron and cardamom smell make you fall for it! It’s a sweet that no foodie can resist and especially if you have a sweet tooth!


DESTINATION OF THE WEEK : Fortune Park Panchwati Kolkata

Fortune Park Panchwati Kolkata

Fortune Park Panchwati Kolkata

Fortune Park Panchwati :-  It was a few days of heavenly stay in Kolkata as I had booked my rooms in Fortune Park Panchwati You can say this hotel is located in the corridors of this city as it is just 5 kms from Kona Expressway. The interiors matched the exterior elegance and the warm hospitality and the very friendly staffs soon put you at home! The restaurants served buffets and it was a great chance to taste all the traditional dishes of Kolkata! Once a guest always a guest …no way can you opt for anything else !

St. Paul’s Cathedral Church Kolkata – The Sweetest Enlightens

St. Paul’s Cathedral Church Kolkata

St. Paul’s Cathedral Church Kolkata | Image Resource :

This was a lucky trip because I almost missed it. I was unable to get my tickets due so some confusion. However, I manage to get seats booked through a friend’s bus booking app. I was quite desperate to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral Church.

Cathedral Church

Cathedral Church | Image Resource :

St. Paul’s Cathedral Church is one of the most important religious places in Kolkata, visited by people from all religions. The construction of the church started in 1839 and it took 8 years to complete the construction.  As I reached the church, I was very much impressed by the beauty of the church. It was built in the Gothic Revival style and had stained glass windows. The church is 247 ft long and 81 ft wide. The tower is 201 ft high. The Bishop’s house opposite the cathedral also shows architectural beauty.

The garden surrounding the church was well maintained and looked very beautiful and lush green with plants and grass. On all days of the week except Sundays, the church is open for the devotees from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon and then from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm. On Sundays it is open from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm.  It was evening when I got in to the church. The church was well maintained and well taken care of. Service is held here every day in English and Bengali.

Beautiful paintings

Beautiful paintings | Image Resource :

Inside the church the hall was large and impressive and the pews and chairs were artistically carved looking very impressive. On the walls there were beautiful mural paintings that were beautiful enough to captivate anyone. It depicted the life and works of St. Paul and how he sacrificed his life for the common man. The coffin of Bishop Wilson rested in the church in the underground chamber.

The church was very peaceful and serene and I knelt down with some other devotees in the church and prayed silently for a few minutes. It filled a sense of inner calm in me and I spent some time sitting there and admiring the beauty of the paintings and the stained glasses. The large area surrounding the church had a variety of ancient trees. It has a one storey building on its South, which is often used as a venue for conducting marriages.  During the Christmas times it takes a festive look with illuminations and decorations. The visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral Church in Kolkata took away all my tensions and made me peaceful and happy.


Happy Republic Day 2015

Happy Republic Day 2015

Happy Republic Day 2015 | Image Resource :

Description:- Hi All ! Happy Republic Day! Yes our country is the best of all and the lyrics ‘Sareh Jahan se Achha’ is cherished in all our hearts and sung with devotion that no other patriotic songs can beat! It gives us energy and ignites the love and patriotism in all our hearts! Jai Hind !


Travel Quote For The Day – Francis Bacon

Travel Quote

Travel Quote | Image Resource :

Description :- So true, travel is such a learning experience when you are young and it becomes more fun when you get older and more experienced. Travel can help in developing the body and soul. So I recommend to all the teenagers to consider travelling as a hobby.


Luscious Dish Of Kolkata : Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi Kolkata

Mishti Doi Kolkata | Image Resource :

Mishti Doi :-  This is Mishti Doi. It is one of my favorite sweet dishes. It is sweet yogurt that is quite popular in the East Indian region. Often Indian families prepare this dish as a dessert. It is made during festivals and other auspicious occasions. If you are in West Bengal, you must definitely try out this dish.