A Five Star Experience At Taj Hotel Mumbai: Dream Stay At Dream Destination!


Hey readers, Savar Pandey is here again to share with you one of my electrifying experience in the city of dreams, Mumbai! I finally got a weekend off from my boss, and I didn’t want myself to get shut in my room in front of the boring television screen. I decided for a luxurious trip, and why not the city that doesn’t sleep- Mumbai. There are many exciting places to check out in the city like Gateway of India, Chowpatty, Kanheri Caves, Siddhivinayak Temple, Haji Ali Dargah and many more.

tourist attractions in mumbai

Tourist attractions in Mumbai | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

We have always heard about the Taj Hotel Mumbai, but neither our pockets nor the circumstances allowed me to spend a night there. But this time, my heart said no for compromising and I decided to book two days stay at the grand and most luxurious hotel of the country. The Taj group of hotels have many hotels in India and abroad. Taj Lands End and Vivanta by Taj were the two options in front of me.

My heart started drumming and there was a luminous sparkle in my eyes, and I finally chose Vivanta by Taj for the Taj experience in my life! As I landed in Mumbai, I received a call from the driver who was waiting for me at the arrivals. After a smooth drive in a luxurious car, I reached the hotel and was welcomed with pomp. The hotel is colossal, and my eyes were wide open and I was literally awestruck!

The check- in procedure winded up quickly and in the next 5 minutes I was in my room. “Gosh!” was what I exclaimed.  Actually I was dumbstruck and no words were enough to even partially describe the luxury or the palatial ambience. It was lavishness beyond what I ever dreamt of, and I realized no matter what I spend, it was worth every penny and I will cherish this memory for my lifetime. I was given a complimentary breakfast, beautifully presented and in style. It showed the experience and passion of the master chef.

After some deep sleep, I strolled in the entire hotel. “Oh my my!” was my heart saying every time I came across something lavish and stunning. As I am a hard core foodie, I sneaked into Trattoria as soon as the lunch time started. The menu offered to me stunned as the catalogue had hi fi names of food from various countries of the world. I tried international cuisine and my heart as well as tummy was fully satiated and satisfied to say the least!

Vivanta - Trottoria, Cuffe ParadeVivanta by Taj President Mumbai – Trattoria | Image Resource : vivantabytaj.com

I thoroughly enjoyed my two day stay at Taj Hotel Mumbai and was treated as a prince in a palace. Unforgettable indeed! While I was leaving the hotel, I made a promise to that I was surely going to give myself this treat whenever my purse strings allowed me to!

Travel Quote of the Week – Lisa St. Aubin de Teran

Travel Quote - Lisa St. Aubin de Teran

Image Courtesy : mseffie.com

This is a great way to describe one of the best things in life which is traveling. Yes many a times when we visit certain places and it really touches our heart we feel like staying but the responsibilities in life pull us to our daily monotonous work and normal life ! The pleasure is just like a flirting for a short time with something that touches our heart!

Mouth Watering Food of the Day : Chicken Tikka Rolls

Chicken Tikka Rolls

Chicken Tikka Rolls | Image Resource : orderatroomservice.com

Chicken Tikka Rolls : Preparing these rolls involve a lot of little time, ingredients and my wife’s easy guidance to impress most of my business barbeque nights! Garnished chicken pieces are fried in oil and then stuffed in any bread base with a salad combo dressed accordingly, rolled to be served. This dish will also become a kids’ favorite in no time and they even get to choose their own salad combo!

Destination of the Week : Intercontinental Marine Drive Mumbai Restaurant


intercontinental-marine-drive-mumbai-restaurantIntercontinental Marine Drive Mumbai Restaurant | Image Resource : ihg .com

Intercontinental Marine Drive Mumbai Restaurant : Ensuring justice to the name, the hotel crests for an award- winning cuisine and a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea! A favorable location and an excellent choice to impress business delegates! The food and stay is to fetch a sure wow from anyone who needs to be surprised.

Fill Your Hearts With Pride And Patriotism On This Republic Day

Image Resource : azrepublicday.in

Image Resource : azrepublicday.in

Description : Our democracy has helped every man and woman claim right for employment, food and shelter. The very reason democracy is working successfully in a nation as large as ours is because of our constitution. This republic day, celebrate the spirit of freedom and equality and pay respects to the people who made it happen.

Lip smacking Food Of The Week : Ragda Pattic

Ragda Pattice

Ragda Pattice | Image Resource : blogpost.com

Summarization : Ragda is a common street food sold in the streets of Mumbai. It is made from white peas which is soaked overnight and ground into a paste. Various spices like turmeric and chilli are added for taste and tamarind is added for extra tanginess. It is then rolled into patties and served with green and red chutneys.

Travel thought of the day – Hilaire Belloc


Travel Thought

Travel Thought | Image Resource : christinekings.com.au

This quote by Hilaire Belloc has always struck a chord with me. As a marketing professional I have hectic days which are counter – productive and depressing. Travelling has always helped me unwind after a long weekend and provided relaxation in the process and gets me energetic for the following week.

Wish you Happy New Year


Happy New Year

Happy New Year | Image Resource : allfestivals2016.com

Almost always I find myself looking forward to a new year because the mystery of what it has in store keeps me working harder. With every year we become more mature, learn new things and make resolutions to be better with all the experiences of the past guiding us. Wish a Happy New Year to all of you.

Wish you a Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas | Image Resource : bestchristmasmessages.com

With a bag full of gifts and presents, Santa is on his way! It’s that time of the year when we all decorate our homes with Christmas tree and lightnings, and wait for the Santaclaus to pay us a visit. Yes, it’s Christmas season. Wish you all a merry Christmas with tons of love and blessings from the deep bottom of my heart.

In The Mesmerizing Land Of Bollywood: The Acting Classes In Mumbai Bloom!

In The Mesmerizing Land Of Bollywood: The Acting Classes In Mumbai Bloom!

Hey I am Savar Pandey from Kanpur and I have a job which I love. Being a Marketing professional, I have to travel around. But the moment I feel that it is getting monotonous, I start travelling to different places. The food I get to eat and the various locales are simply wonderful and give me a great feeling.

Of late I have been getting a lot of travel assignments to Mumbai and I often go there for a number of days or weeks. The last time I went to this Bollywood capital, a number of my clients were very much into Bollywood and some even attended acting classes. There was this client who gave me an intense talk, about Acting classes in Mumbai, and it is one activity that helps a person escape from the tensions of life and makes life more progressive and interesting. To top it, this can even blossom into a very lucrative career as directors are always on the lookout for fresh faces and talent.

Acting classes in Mumbai

Acting classes in Mumbai | Image Resource : topyaps.com, filmtvcoursesmumbai.blogspot.com

Discovering The Actor In Me Through: The Acting Classes In Mumbai

Taking his advice seriously I went to several acting classes just to check out how things work there and what my chances of joining some of them are. The first was Anupam Kher’s-Actor Prepares. Though there was a three-month course, I found that there were weekend, short courses and diploma and even part-time courses. Even a customized workshop was available with easy timings, lunch and break-fast availability.

Anupam Kher’s-Actor Prepares

Anupam Kher’s-Actor Prepares | Image Resource : actorprepares.net

Another place which I have been hearing a lot and that has been around since ages is the Kishore Namit Kapoor acting school. His 6 months course seems full of promise as he promises to fill in lots, as much as 5 year of training into these 6 months. This is one of the acting classes in Mumbai where, after an interactive curriculum he also promises to put up the profile of the actors on the website. Anupam Kher’s-Actor Prepares.

Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting School

Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting School | Image Resource : oorvazifilmeducation.wordpress.com

Kishore Namit Kapoor posing with his Students

Kishore Namit Kapoor posing with his Students | Image Resource : oorvazifilmeducation.wordpress.com

All these classes I discovered needed dedicated hours which I did hope, I would be able to give soon, when I may take a break for a year or six months.