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Travel Quote of the Week – Lisa St. Aubin de Teran

Travel Quote - Lisa St. Aubin de Teran

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This is a great way to describe one of the best things in life which is traveling. Yes many a times when we visit certain places and it really touches our heart we feel like staying but the responsibilities in life pull us to our daily monotonous work and normal life ! The pleasure is just like a flirting for a short time with something that touches our heart!


Fill Your Hearts With Pride And Patriotism On This Republic Day

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Description : Our democracy has helped every man and woman claim right for employment, food and shelter. The very reason democracy is working successfully in a nation as large as ours is because of our constitution. This republic day, celebrate the spirit of freedom and equality and pay respects to the people who made it happen.

Travel Thought Of The Day : Gustave Flaubert

Travel Thought

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It is true as they say how insignificant we all are. The beautiful places all over the globe should be experienced because it is a very humbling experience. We realize that there is so much more than what worries or troubles us today. To travel is to experience a life that we did not know existed!

Thought of the day – Theodore Roosevelt


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I got an opportunity to taste the Jadoh rice of Shillong when I visited there on a trip with my family. The flavors used were exquisite and I was told that it is made out of charring the fishes from the local river and mixing it with rice. It was a culinary experience I will never forget.

Motivational Thought Of The Day – Marcus Aurelius

Motivational Thought

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Description :- Marcus Aurelius, one of the few Good Roman Emperors has spoken truly when he said “Waste no more time arguing about what good man should be, be one”. It is very easy to dictate what is wrong and right. But when we actuate through actions we understand the essence of doing good and create self-worth. Also people listen to the ones who has done the deed that he is preaching!

Travel Quote For The Day – Francis Bacon

Travel Quote

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Description :- So true, travel is such a learning experience when you are young and it becomes more fun when you get older and more experienced. Travel can help in developing the body and soul. So I recommend to all the teenagers to consider travelling as a hobby.