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Motijheel Kanpur : It Is Artificially Natural!


I, Savar Pandey, work as a Business development manager for a private firm. Every day targets, follow-ups, incentives and promotions was my normal routine. Though the job was hectic I enjoyed it as it was something I was interested in. I was always interested in travelling to different places and quenching the thirst of my eyes. This time it was Kanpur!

Kanpur city

Kanpur city | Image Resource : urbannewsdigest.in

After one month’s hectic and unending work, I decided to take a break over the weekend including Friday. I moved to Kanpur and stayed at my buddy, Raj’s place. The first two days were interesting and delighting. I was fascinated about the Z Square Mall in the city and my mouth kept watering for the delicious food.
It was Sunday and I was on the third day of my tour. I, Raj and few of his buddies met over a cup of coffee and breakfast. Post breakfast we headed to the artificially natural Moti Jheel in Kanpur. After a drive of 20 minutes we reached the lake. My eyes bounced, my jaws dropped and mouth started watering! The Moti jheel Kanpur was breathtakingly beautiful landscaped by gardens and playing parks all around the lake. This made Motijheel the most interesting place in the town.

Moti Jheel Kanpur

Moti Jheel Kanpur | Image Resource : panoramio.com

With children running, trees swinging and breeze wheezing, it was pleasing to see as well as to hear. Motijheel, one of the premier artificial lakes, is the source of drinking water for several areas in the town called the drinking water reservoir. It’s as beautiful as pearl and hence it earned the name Motijheel or the Pearl Lake. We took a stroll along the lake shore and it reminded us of those good old days spent in school. After sharing a pool of memories and exchanging experiences we decided to leave. All of us were feeling sad to leave the place but we had to. With a heavy heart we bid goodbye to the pearl Lake and departed vowing to meet again and in the same place!

With this, my 3 day journey came to an end. I was happy that the weekend was well spent and I can happily say I got to rejuvenate myself at Kanpur!