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An Amazing Trip to JK Temple Kanpur


Hey Friends this is Savar, your travel buddy here to share one of my most recent travel experience. As you, all know that I love travelling, Street shopping and Food. I am going to share something that you people do not know about myself i.e. I am a very religious person. I not only love visiting different temple but churches and dargahs.

Call me crazy but I have a small place to visit for every Sunday/holiday. As every friend of mine knows about my travel addiction, they often help me plan my trips or give at least some idea about different interesting destinations around India. Travelling is my passion but I have a job and it is not that easy to plan a trip due to my busy schedule. However, I believe that “There’s always a way if you have the Will”. I know that is not my quote, pardon me I am not a writer/poet (I am a Marketing Guy).

Travel Places In India

Travel Places In India

So back to my story: I was on way with a couple of my friends/colleagues (including my BOSS) to a friend’s place in Kanpur for a wedding. Couple of people riding Pajero with their boss can get awkward but we actually had fun and suddenly somebody mentioned JK Temple. I said “Lets visit the Temple guys as it’s on the way”. This was my first visit to the beautiful Temple. I have heard a lot but never got a chance to check it out. Eventually, got the opportunity and was very grateful. Visiting Temples is a special kind of experience. It takes away all the soreness and fills you up with energy/spirituality.

JK Temple Kanpur

JK Temple Kanpur  |  Image Resource : trekearth.com

JK Temple in Kanpur

JK Temple in Kanpur  |  Image Resource : ankurkhosla.com

JK Temple Kanpur is around fifty years old built by J. K. Trust and well known for its amazing architecture. This religious monument is a great combination of modern and ancient designs. There are five shrines in the temple, which includes:

  • Shri Radhakrishna
  • Shri Laxminarayan
  • Shri. Ardhanarishwar
  • Shri Narmadeshwar
  • Shri Hanuman
Shri Radha Krishna

Shri Radha Krishna  |  Image Resource : flickr.com

If your are planning to visit this temple notes that it is close to Kanpur Airport (15 km) and Kanpur Anwarganj Railway Station (5 km).  Visiting JK Temple offered us the warmth and peace, which could help us cope with the stressful lifestyle. With the blessing of all our beloved deities, we were off to our regular life hoping to visit this beautiful temple again.