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Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi, Bhopal – The Mirror of Ancient India

Stupa No-3 Sanchi

Stupa No-3 Sanchi  |  Image Resource : wikipedia.org

The next day we decided to visit Sanchi, in Bhopal which is famous for the variant of architectural resources and traditional monuments which were built hundreds of years ago. We started for Sanchi by train which is just 40 kilometers away from the Bhopal city. The Buddhist monuments found here at Sanchi are world famous. The stunning stupas and marvelous art of architecture is a fine medium to connect with the God.

A Panic View Of Sanchi Stupas

A Panic View Of Sanchi Stupas  |  Image Resource : wikipedia.org

As soon as we reached near the Stupa, we made our ticket for the Sanchi Museum and Stupa which was very nominal. The place is considered to be one of the best heritage sites of the world and hundreds of visitors had come to visit it. The great stupas of Sanchi flourished between the 7th-12th centuries. The earliest carvings on the rocks and stones remind of the rich cultural heritage that India enjoys in the whole world. We went round the stupas and also went inside the museum that preserved old sculptures and ancient paintings. Archaeology was clearly portrayed in the shelves of the museum that held a lot of ancient resources. Sanchi developed a museum when Sir John Marshall started it in the year 1919.

There are large numbers of stupas in Sanchi among which few are very big. Certain big stupas here are surrounded by ‘torranas’. Torranas found here are maintained and developed by the Ministry of Tourism of Madhya Pradesh. Ivory paintings and sculptures are found extensively here that displays the efficiency and creativity of hand skilled artisans long back.

Torana At Sanchi Stupa

Torana At Sanchi Stupa  |  Image Resource : panoramio.com

A View of Torranas

A View of Torranas  |  Image Resource : flickr.com

Buddhist monuments found here at Bhopal are world famous as it also contains the monolithic Asokan pillar, stupas, temples and few other ancient sculptural wealth. My entire journey to Sanchi was worth giving me a memory for a life time. I would love to visit this place once again whenever I come to Bhopal next time.

Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi,Bhopal

Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi,Bhopal  |  Image Resource : panoramio.com

Sanchi Monastary Buddah

Sanchi Monastary Buddha  |  Image Resource : dianneforrest.blogspot.in

The trip offered me enough occasions to experience and to explore the tradition of Buddhism and its holiness, I spend enough time to explore the surroundings of the place. We came back to Bhopal in the evening after visiting some other places in Sanchi.

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