Ganpati Bappamorya – Getting Blessed By Lalbaugcha Raja of Mumbai


The train journey was a bit tiring. After reaching the Lokmanya Tilak terminus at 5 AM in the morning I headed to my hotel where I slept for a few hours. At 10 AM I was ready to begin my expedition in the city of dreams, Mumbai. The first place which I decided to visit was the famous Ganesh mandal of Mumbai known as Lalbaugcha Raja.

The name Raja is to denote and honour Lord Ganesh as the King. This Ganpati mandal is very old and is situated in the Lalbaug Market of Mumbai. It is said that in the year 1932 the market closed due to some financial problems. The traders and vendors then decided to make it a place devoted to lord Ganesha and pray to him to take all these troubles away. Shortly after the market started in its full glory and the traders since then established a special place for the idol of Ganesha.

Lalbaugcha Raja

Lalbaugcha Raja | Image Resource :

The Ganpati mandal at Lalbaugcha was also a site where freedom fighters used to give speeches to awaken the masses. It was a place of meeting by Lokmanya Tilak and other prominent freedom fighters of the country. It is since then that Lalbaucha gained a prominent place in the hearts of Mumbaikars and during every Ganpati utsav it’s the Raja of lalbaugcha which gains the limelight of everyone.

I was very thrilled and ecstatic at visiting the Ganpati mandal. I had seen the idol of Ganpati on TV many occasions but being there personally with Lord Ganesh in front of you was a divine feeling which cannot be expressed in words. The vibes and energy at the place were so good that one forgets about all their troubles and just hails the lord as Ganpati Bappa Morya.

A close snapshot of Lalbaugcha Raja

A close snapshot of Lalbaugcha Raja | Image Resource :

This visit was a very good start for the Mumbai trip. I took a lot of pictures of Lord Ganesha of Lalbaug to keep it as a memory with me forever. Once done with this visit I headed for my next place of visit which was Dr BhauDaji Lad Museum of Mumbai located in Byculla East.


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