Thrill and Adventure in Nature’s Wonder Mawsmai Caves


After the falls, it was time to discover a few more secrets of the nature. This was possible with the visit to the Mawsmai Caves.

Mawsmai Caves are situated 6 km away from the town of Cherapunji also known as Sohra. These caves are one of the major tourist attractions and leave every spellbound by its unseen and untouched natural beauty. These caves are one of the few limestone caves of Meghalya, which are open for tourists because they are well-lit and can be visited without any guide. Only 150 metre of area of cave is open for tourists and it takes around half an hour to walk through the cave but it is one of its kind of experience and leaves tourists spellbound in its natural phenomenal beauty.

It is a must have experience for someone looking for fun and thrill in a natural environment and who want to experience natural beauty of limestone caves and its rugged manner. You will get to see lot of stalagmites and fossils and rocks coming out from every side in their natural form. The ethereal beauty of the caves leaves you spellbound.

Mawsmai Caves

Mawsmai Caves | Image resource :

You can easily reach Mawsmai Caves from Cherapunji through bus or taxi as its just 6 kms from the main town. This beauty is hidden behind a vast grassland and line of huge trees. There is a small entry fee at the entrance to be paid at the ticket counter. There is some water-logging in the cave and one should be careful with the uneven terrain of cave.

Tourists can visit any time of the year here at Mawsmai Caves but one should avoid coming here in season of monsoon due to obvious reasons that this area receives highest rainfall in the world.

Being a photography buff, I kept on taking pictures of the caves and tried to capture the beauty. But as they say, pictures never capture how you feel. I sat there for some time, just watching the caves and its surroundings. Very quiet and serene, this place made the visit to Meghalaya worthwhile.


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