My Bathue ka Raita Recipe for Food Lovers


I’m a foodie who lives to eat. I started cooking after my Graduation because my dad used always say “A man should be able to cook his own food”. Initially, I was not that happy about cooking but now I consider myself as a pretty decent cook.

My Father is a great cook, Better than my Mom.. “Hope my mom is not reading this”. So as a Kid I was blessed with good delicious food on my table every single time. My passion for food has helped me become a better cook. I love experimenting with food while eating as well as cooking and surprise everyone.

In this particular blog, we will see how to make Bathue ka Raita. Most of you may not be familiar with “Bathua”. Bathua is a leafy vegetable also known as lamb’s-quarter and Paruppu Keerai. You will find it in abundance during winter season or colder regions. It is similar to spinach, hence cooked in the same fashion. They can be easily identified by their coarsely-toothed or wavy margin and soft white coating on leaves.

Including Bathua in your diet is a healthy decision because :

–  It is used in various skin treatment, and
–  Bathua oil made is effective in treating hookworms.
– It also very rich with B-complex vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Fibre, Potassium, Trace minerals, Phosphorus and Iron.

Bathue ka Raita

Bathue ka Raita | Image Resource :

So lets start with our Bathua Raita Dish:

Ingredients :    

– Bunch of Bathua leaves.
– One cup of Yogurt
– Salt (to taste)
– Half tsp of Black salt
– Roasted cumin powder (1/4 tsp)
– Red chili powder (1\4 tsp)


– Take the bunch of Bathua and pluck the leaves from the stem.
– Add water into a pan and heat till it starts boiling.
– As soon as it starts to boil add the bathua leaves to the water
– Cook it for 2 to 3 minutes and strain well.
– Put these leaves into ginder to create a smooth paste from them.
– Smoothen the yogurt by whisking it.
– Add the bathua paste along with red chili powder, black salt, roasted cumin powder and salt.
– Garnish the raita with coriander.

Your Bathue ka Raita is ready to be served with Paratha, Roti, Naan or just Rice.

Note : If you want your raita to be thinner, Add some milk to it.



About Sawar Pandey

Hello, I am Savar Pandey from Kanpur. I have been working as marketing professional for the past two years. I love my job but often my daily schedule gets a bit monotonous. Therefore, I make it a point to take breaks and travel to new/beautiful places. The best part about traveling is the different cuisines you get to enjoy. I love food and live to eat. So far, I have been to some of the amazing locations. Through my blog, I wish share my experience to all you guys. Hoping that it could help in your travel expeditions.

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