Nubra Valley Ladakh- Rich in Beauty and Culture


After visiting the Sankar Monastery, we could see that the sun was already down. So we decided to stop for the day and returned to our hotel where all of us fell asleep pretty early. We had some more places to cover the next day and we didn’t want to be late for that. Accordingly, we got up early in the morning and after getting ready quickly, left for our next destination which was the Nubra Valley in Ladakh.

The Valley is a trimmed one located on the north eastern part of Ladakh. It is like a cold desert located at a height and hardly receives any kind of precipitation. The Shyok River, a tributary of Indus, runs close to the Nubra Valley. You can find some scant vegetation on the banks of the river.

Nubra Valley Ladakh

Nubra Valley Ladakh | Image Resource :

We learnt that the valley is extremely fertile and can be irrigated for producing different types of fruits, mustard, nuts, peas, barley and wheat. We could see that the locals in this part of the world were followers of Buddhism; they extremely friendly and peace loved people. On the northern part of the valley, there was the Siachen Glacier. We also came to know that we were very close to very important spots like the Karakoram Pass, Sasser Pass and most importantly the LOC between India and Pakistan.

There were several villages located in the Nubra Valley in the Siachen River. These included Turtuk, Panamik, Tirith, Sumur and Kyagar, also known as Tiger. We could spot another monastery known as Samstanling between Sumur and Kyagar villages. We also visited the hot springs for which Panamik is extremely famous.

Nubra Sand Dunes

Nubra Sand Dunes | Image Resource :

Then we went to the Ensa Gompa which is an isolated place near Panamik. There was also Diskit Monastery at Diskit which is the main village of the valley. We learnt that there was the Chamba Gompa in another site called Hundar. We also walked across the sand dunes between Diskit and Hundar where we could spot some Bactrian camels grazing. We also visited Baigdandu and touched the goats which are the main sources behind the world renowned Pashmina Shawls.

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