Find Peace and Tranquillity at Sankar Monastery Leh


There is no doubt about the fact that Leh is abound with a number of Buddhist monasteries and stupas which are extremely serene and peaceful and located at some picturesque sites. We were already done with two such structures and were on our way to the third one. This time, it was the Sankar Monastery Leh. The availability of the private car enabled us to cover all the distances without any kind of hassle. On our way, we captured some mind boggling pictures which can make anybody go crazy for Leh and its surroundings.

It acts as the residence for Spituk’s Abbot, the Venerable Kushok Bakula who holds the position of Ladakh’s senior incarnate lama thanks to the association of personal authority and ancient lineage. The Sankar Monastery is the daughter version of another monastery known as Spituk.

We could see that the monastery was very big and made up of a number of buildings located amidst dense green trees situated at a height over the actual town. The buildings were relatively new and built in an attractive manner. We were inside the lee of Khardung La which is a pass with a length of 5,359m and located at the back of Leh connecting up to Nubra and Shyok valleys.

Sankar Monastery Leh

Sankar Monastery Leh | Image Resource :

We were extremely overjoyed with the peace and tranquillity of the place as we could hardly have that experience on the busy roads of the cities. The monastery was extremely neat and clean and served as home to around 20 monks. But at the time of our visit, we could spot only 15 monks because the remaining of them was not permanent. Since the sun was about to set, the lights were on and we were simply dumb struck by its beauty in the dark.

We also climbed the steps to reach the two doors which further continued up to the assembly hall or dukang, as it is locally known. There were some green drums positioned at the doors’ right side and served as the site for the Gyeskos. The rich paint on the entry door and the wall made it look extremely attractive. We also saw the figure of Avalokitesvara having 1000 heads and 1000 arms equipped with weapons.


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