The famous administrative monument: the Palace of Assembly


As my day of returning back home was drawing near I wanted to cover as much part of the city as I could. Although there were a lot of places left to visit in Chandigarh but I had to quickly make up my mind which to take and which to leave. So I decided to visit the Palace of Assembly which is a legislative assembly building located in Chandigarh.  It is not like any other ordinary administrative buildings. The Palace of assembly is designed by the well renowned architect Le Corbusier who is also the designer of the whole city of Chandigarh. The building is actually part of the Capitol complex which incorporates three wings namely the Legislative assembly, the secretariat and the High court.

This parliamentary monument although dates back to 1953 to 1963 yet its architectural style is no doubt very modern. It is made up of concrete and the curved concrete roofs reflect a very contemporary style of designing which could have been possible only by a master workman like Le Corbusier.

Palace of Assembly Chandigarh

Palace of Assembly Chandigarh | Image Resource :

The most notable feature of this Palace of Assembly is the unconventionally constructed circular shaped hall. The main hall of the building is built in the form of a hyperbola which is just 15 centimetres thick. This accrues to the low construction costs of the building which was indeed another intelligent move by the master architect. Here the architecture involves the application of industrial cooling towers which ensures proper ventilation and temperature regulation.

Moreover the architecture of the Palace of Assembly is such that proper natural as well as artificial lighting conditions prevail in the building. It was a delight for me to visit this mega structure from the past which holds great historic as well as administrative importance for this modern planned city of Chandigarh. Out of all the places I had visited in the city this was a very different experience for me as I was pondering upon the fact that how a building designed so many years in the past can hold such modernity and distinctive style that are rare even in the structures of today.


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