The Botanical Garden and Nature Park of Chandigarh


After visiting the Government museum and art gallery I wanted to explore more of the beautiful city of Chandigarh. I had heard a lot about the botanical garden of the city and was quite eager to explore it. Hence the next destination that I visited while my stay at Chandigarh was the botanical garden and nature park of Chandigarh.

I am a nature lover and I love to find refuge in the arms of nature to relax myself from my busy schedule that pertains to my marketing profession. Hence I was already hoping to spend a very soothing and calming time in midst of the natural settings of this botanical garden.

botanical garden & nature park chandigarh

Botanical Garden and Nature Park of Chandigarh | Image Resource :

The botanical garden of Chandigarh is located near the village Sarangpur of Chandigarh and is easily commutable from all parts of the city via public transport. As the climate of Chandigarh is very pleasant due to its location at the foothills of the Shivalik ranges a botanical garden is an appropriate venture to protect as well as nurture diverse varieties of flora that can be fruitfully grown in this region.

The botanical garden of Chandigarh houses numerous varieties of plant species including medicinal herbs, shrubs and decorative plants, creepers, climbers and a lot more. I was delighted to be surrounded by such natural treasure.

cactus garden at botanical garden and nature park of chandigarh

Cactus Garden at Botanical Garden and Nature Park of Chandigarh | Image Resource :

The vast expanse of green that is meticulously maintained in this site of great tourist significance stretches over an area of 176 acres of land. Not only the garden, another attraction that adds to the huge influx of visitors is the fact that this botanical garden has been connected to a nature reserve known as the Patiala- ki- Rao via a causeway.

The forest spreads over an area of 350 acres of land. Hence the whole idea of the botanical garden accompanied by a huge expanse of wilderness turns out to be a treat for nature lovers.

I was really happy to escape to this area of wilderness and experience nature at its best. The whole area is maintained with great toil and precision to preserve the biodiversity and also for research purposes, where one can discover a range of exquisite species of plants.


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