Why to Plan Holidays with Friends


I have some really insane group of friends. Hence, every once in a while I make it a point to plan a trip with them. It is always fun and gets us in a nostalgic mode. It is very necessary to be connected with “close-to-heart” buddies. Following are some of the reasons why you should prefer going on trip with your friends:

You know them :

If you are travelling alone then making friends is not an easy job. While, travelling often we do not trust strangers. Even if you meet an interesting individual who is really fun to hangout with, you still need few days to spend time with him/her. One needs to understand how people react to certain situations. You can’t just ask a person everything at once and be friends. Imagine the conversion like “Hey, what is your name ? where do you come from ? Where to your work ?  Now lets be friends !”

Thus, Travelling with a familiar faces is always the best option. When you are with a friend time passes in a jiffy. Long trip gets shorter, moments become memorable, difficult situation turns fun. You are familiar with your friends and you trust them. You know how they will react to your pranks or mistakes. With friends you don’t have to hesitate before asking for help.

Friends know each others shortcomings and strength. This makes planning your trip and dividing travel tasks a lot simpler. You are having this compatibility with each other which makes the journey even more enjoyable.

Holidays with Friends

Holidays with Friends | Image Resource : youne.com

Similar interests and taste.

Even if you try to annoy your friends, they still always enjoy your company. Often friends share some common interest or make an effort to enjoy each other for the sake of each other. I still remember one of my old trips where my friend Ashish started dancing in the middle of a crowded Delhi street. This was embarrassing but we enjoyed every moment of it.

Make some noise.

You may have noticed that a trip alone or with a stranger is a mostly a silent trip. Whereas, a trip with some of your best friends often gets crazy. Vacationing with your buddies is full of surprises. So I would always recommend it.

Hope you liked this blog. Feel free to share thoughts or comments.


About Sawar Pandey

Hello, I am Savar Pandey from Kanpur. I have been working as marketing professional for the past two years. I love my job but often my daily schedule gets a bit monotonous. Therefore, I make it a point to take breaks and travel to new/beautiful places. The best part about traveling is the different cuisines you get to enjoy. I love food and live to eat. So far, I have been to some of the amazing locations. Through my blog, I wish share my experience to all you guys. Hoping that it could help in your travel expeditions.

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