Cuttack Chandi Temple : A Tranquil Atmosphere Giving Immense Pleasure


I was interested in seeing the well known Cuttack Chandi Temple. I had heard and also read about it a lot and hence was very curious to see this historical temple. I come from a spiritual family and being a big devotee of God, I made sure that I visited this powerful temple. It is one of the oldest temples in the country and is dedicated and committed to the Goddess Chandi who presides as the city goddess.

Situated near the River Mahanadi this is a world famous temple visited by devotees from all around the world. When I was visiting the premises I came to know about some unique myths and predictions surrounding the temple. Devi Mahatmyam is worshipped as Devi Chandi in the inner sanctum of the temple. The Goddess is clothed in different dresses depicting her different avatars during the Navaratri festival period. Durga puja and also the famous Kali Puja are celebrated exclusively with great pomp and grandeur as they are also the other faces or avatars of Maa Chandika.

Cuttack Chandi Temple

Cuttack Chandi Temple | Image Resource :

The idol of the goddess is shown as having four hands and each hand is depicting something or other. One of the hands is holding the Ankusha and the other is holding the Paasha whereas the third hand is conceding boons and the fourth hand is ousting fears. I was captivated by this mesmerizing idol. During the Durga Puja, devotees stand in long queues to get a view of Maa Chandi and offer prayers and puja.

Maa Chandi

Maa Chandi | Image Resource :

I prayed for myself and my family in this auspicious temple. It gave me a very peaceful feeling and I was glad that I had come here as it is considered highly sacred by the locals. I learnt that they make sure that they ring the bell of the temple as a sign of good-luck.  Not only locals but devotees from far off distances visit the temple to worship the Goddess in all her different forms.

My visit to Cuttack Chandi Temple filled me with lot of positive vigour and I told myself I will revisit this temple whenever I get a chance again. I even took photographs of this place to show to my family.


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