Barabati Fort Cuttack : A Symbol of the Glorious Past


After reaching Cuttack, the first destination we decided to go was the Barabati Fort Cuttack. The fort, as we had heard about, lies in ruins and is very old and almost destroyed. But when we reached there, we witnessed something which wasn’t quite expected. The location of the fort was not so far from the main city and it did not take us much time to reach the place.

Entrance Of Barabati Fort

Entrance Of Barabati Fort | Image Resource :

The fort was huge when we saw it from the outer side and when we went inside there were mostly remains of the old glories of the past left to look at. We were informed by the guide present there that once the fort housed a magnificent nine storey palace which was huge in size and was very luxurious but during wars it was very much destroyed and the remains were there in front of our eyes as the proof.

Bastions and ramparts of the fort

Bastions and ramparts of the fort | Image Resource :

The most extraordinary feature which I liked about the fort the moment I came to the door was the gateway itself. It is a huge arched gateway carved out beautifully from sandstone and also has many beautiful carvings on it which speak for themselves.

Another important highlight of the fort which made me run my brains to a great extent was the big ditch at one place. I didn’t know the purpose of the presence of the ditch inside a fort that too of such a huge size and thought a lot till the time came when I failed to reach to a conclusion.

We came to know from the guide who was present with us about the fact that the local authorities had started a campaign to maintain the fort as it’s a prized possession for them and a great tourist attraction all together. And they had been doing a god job as I could see a few developments going on at the place in order to preserve it well.

The trip to Barabati Fort Cuttack was a great one and with this we all aimed at our next destination which was the Museum representing Netaji’s birth, with a sense of excitement in our hearts.

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