Shila Devi Temple Jaipur- An Enchanting Shrine


It was the seventh and last day of our stay in Jaipur. I was truly ecstatic about everything in Jaipur. I had managed to see almost every beautiful place of the city. However I knew I had missed several other places like Pushkar, Ajmer etc. I was happy that I was able to make it up to Jaipur and I was taking fond memories with me to back Kanpur. As it was the last day in the Pink City, I and all my friends unanimously decided to make a visit to the Shila Devi temple in Jaipur. The temple is known to be the finest piece of architecture that was built long time back within the Amber Fort.

Temple at the entrance of the palace

Temple at the entrance of the palace | Image Resource :

The Shila Devi temple was built in the 16th century within the Amer. I had already visited the Amber Fort or Amer during my stay in Jaipur, but the visit was only near and around the fort and the gardens found inside it. I had missed the chance to go to the Shila Devi temple which is known to be the temple of the Hindu Goddess Kali. The temple is marked by its grandeur. Since it is found inside the Amber Fort, it accumulates a large crowd within it. Further the temple also has its own significance. During the festivals of Navratri, the glow in the temple for nine long days is a spectacular view. Millions of devotees from hook and corners of Rajasthan also many of them from outside states and foreign countries visit the temple to see the large festival being celebrated.

Shila Devi Temple

Shila Devi Temple | Image Resource :

There is a daily routine practice that is done in the temple, just like all other temples. There is the ritual of morning arati then bhog in the temple. There are also some times when fairs are held in a large procession in the vicinity of the temple. The opening time of the temple is at 6 am and the temple remains opened till 10:30 am in the first phase. The temple opens again for the evening prayers at 4 pm and remains open till 8 pm in the evening. After having a very calm and pleasing visit in the Shila Devi temple we came back to our hotel to pack our bags back to Kanpur.


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