Amber (Amer) Fort And Palace Jaipur- An Architectural Wonder From The Kachwahas


We spent a really delighting day at the Hawa Mahal in the city. Our venture to architectural places of the city was not coming to an end as each and every building was a wonder in itself. It was the third day of our stay in Jaipur and I was always quite thrilled for the day. I came up with my Jaipur Travel Guide where I had marked off few places of interest. The day was destined for a visit to the Amber Palace which is also known as Amer. It is located at a distance of just 11 kilometers from the central Jaipur city. We took a bus from our nearest bus stop and reached the Amber Fort in just 20 minutes.

Amber Fort and Palace Jaipur

Amber Fort and Palace Jaipur | Image Resource :

The Amber fort is a picturesque and captivating blend of Mughal and Hindu architecture. It was constructed by Raja Maan Singh I in the year 1592 and is a beautiful sculpture made out of red sandstone and white marble. The fort has a congregation of art and architecture designed beautifully with a magnificent aura. There are carvings and stone carved images of various idols on the walls of the fort which just represent how skilled our artists were during that era. There is the Manota Lake in the foreground which brings about a panoramic view of the fort.

Amber Fort interior

Amber Fort interior | Image Resource :

The structure of the fort was built just to keep safe from the enemies. There are beautiful paintings hung up on the wall which are so expressive that one is bound to get won over. It was the ruling time of the Kachhawas during which the fort was built for the protection of the state’s people. It was earlier just a small structure made by the Meena tribes, which was later on taken over by the Kachhawas to renovate it into the beautiful Amer or Amber Fort.

Within the fort, there is the temple of Maa Kali who was mostly known as Shila Mata by the Kacchawas. Shila Mata was the family deity of the rulers and therefore the temple was dedicated to her name. My visit to the temple cum architectural marvel was truly wonderful.


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