Festivals in Haryana Are Amazing


On my way back to the hotel, I was forced to stop at a place and it was the most memorable part of my journey as I want to take part in what is undoubtedly the chief attraction of the state of Haryana, the festivals. The state has many attractions, which invite many tourists all around the year. There are many festivals in the state of which I shall mention a few. The first festival that marks the start of the year is the Lohri, which starts in the month of January 15. The festival is celebrated with much pomp and pleasure. It is actually celebrated in order to mark the ending of the winter season and the welcoming of the new season.

Lohri festival

Lohri festival | Image Resource : wallpaper.krishoonetwork.com

Lohri is one of the best festivals in Haryana, which is actually celebrated all throughout the state by offering natural things. It is also considered as a special occasion for any marriage or birth of a child at any home. The festival is also considered as the growth and reaping of new crops. It is also a grand event for cultural integration, which brings in the unity and harmony among all and a fresh start for a new venture. Next, we have the Surajkund Crafts Mela; this takes place in the month of February for a number of 15 days. The mela has been celebrating for a long time; however, it got its recognition in 1980s and from then until now, it is seen celebrated in the state. The mela is based on the art and crafts of the state, where the brilliant crafts and arts are mesmerizing to anyone who has been to that mela.

Baisakhi Festival Celebration In Haryana

Baisakhi Festival Celebration In Haryana | Image Resource : theindianpanorama.com

The next festival that falls under the line is the Baisakhi festival, which takes place in the month of April. The festival is for one day and is celebrated on 13th. I was very lucky to take part in this festival. It is considered to be the harvesting festival, where reaping is another source for its celebration. I also learn about Teej, which is actually a festival for the married ones. The married women celebrate the day to live longer and enjoy a happier married life. Most of these festivals in Haryana are also celebrated in most parts of the country. On this day, women dance and buy many bangles, bindis and jewelry to make them look beautiful.

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