Travel Photo Of The Week : Ghaggar River Haryana

Ghaggar River Haryana

Ghaggar River Haryana | Image Resource :

Ghaggar River Haryana :- This is a picture of the Ghaggar river. One of the beautiful places in Haryana. My friend arranged a boat and we spent an amazing time wandering around the river exploring beautiful scenery around the river. This was one of my best Haryana trips.


About Sawar Pandey

Hello, I am Savar Pandey from Kanpur. I have been working as marketing professional for the past two years. I love my job but often my daily schedule gets a bit monotonous. Therefore, I make it a point to take breaks and travel to new/beautiful places. The best part about traveling is the different cuisines you get to enjoy. I love food and live to eat. So far, I have been to some of the amazing locations. Through my blog, I wish share my experience to all you guys. Hoping that it could help in your travel expeditions.

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