Sultanpur National Park Haryana – An Ideal Place For Nature Lovers


The Sultanpur National Park Haryana is a must-visit place for the wildlife lovers like me. The place is an attractive one as numerous birds of different species from Europe, Siberia and many other countries fly covering hundreds of miles to come and build their nest in Sultanpur. I was really amazed by the size of the birds that had come over there from different places as well as from the mountains.

Sultanpur National Park Haryana

Sultanpur National Park Haryana | Image Resource :

There were more than 250 species of birds, each of different colour and size. Most of the birds migrate there as their original places are covered with snow and destroyed by the extreme cold climate. Talking about the history of the formation of this place, birds have always migrated to this place for a long time but it was due to the initiative of Peter and the late Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi that this wetland was made to fall under the bird sanctuary. The wetland was increased manually to some more kilometres so that some more birds could come in and feel safe.

Dwelling on the names of the birds, I could see at least 50 to 60 of them. The names of all of them can’t be put together over here, but to mention a few are Crested Goshawk, Mynah, Hill Mynah, Besra, Shikra, Norther Pintail, Shovello, and many more. It cannot be described how much I was enthralled when I saw the beauty of these birds. I saw many birdwatchers both from India and abroad waiting for hours to have a look of their favourite species.

Mynah At Sultanpur National Park

Mynah At Sultanpur National Park | Image Resource :

The park has timings, which start at 4.30 early in the morning and ends at 6.30 in the evening. The bird lovers would definitely fall in love with the place as different species of bird can be seen here, where they peek from the leaves or eat a fruit every now and then. The Sultanpur National Park Haryana is definitely a place of wonder for the environmentalists and bird watchers. I was simply enthralled by the beauty of the place and prepared myself for the next destination, which was the fort in Ballabhgarh.

Sarus Crane At Sultanpur

Sarus Crane At Sultanpur | Image Resource :


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