Chor Gumbad Narnaul Haryana – The House Of Thieves


The Chor Gumbad Narnaul is another place to visit in Haryana. The name came from the term thieves, which mean chor in Hindi. With affection, the people call this structure the town’s signboard. It is actually separately build from the other buildings of the town, and it stands on a large rock located in the north of the town. The Gumbad was actually made by Afghan Jamal Khan as his tomb during the era of Feroz Shah Tuglaq. The building is square in shape and has large chambers. The building has four forts outside, which stand as a guard to the building. The Chor Gumbad is sometimes also known as the signboard of the town. The building is far away from town of Narnual making it a place of haunted one. The tall building of Jamal Khan over the years became the place of interest and hideout of the robbers and thieves and naturally the name Chor Gumbad sprung up. It stands tall on a huge rock like structure and located in the northern part of the town.

Chor Gumbad Narnaul Haryana

Chor Gumbad Narnaul Haryana | Image Resource :

I learnt from an inhabitant that the structure underwent some minor repairs very recently. It is told that a large number of looted things from the rich people were stored in the place. It reminds me the story of the famous story of Ali Baba and the forty thieves; I wonder how thrilling the days would have been, when the runaway part used to take place.

The significance of the name sometimes sounds haunting as the lonely place have been used as a shelter by the robbers and thieves. The tall and large rock, which can be visible, and the building in it are sometimes a mysterious one. Imagine a night when for some reason you tend to see the robbers whispering to each other, planning to plunder the city somewhere. The sounds of the hoofs of the horses and they vanish in the cloud of mist is a spectacular imagination. The Chor Gumbad Narnaul Haryana is really a place of wonder and eerie suspense, where a different feel takes place top curve your imagination and give a flight to your wildest dreams.

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