Rai Bal Mukund Dass Ka Chatta Narnaul Haryana – Lying In Dust


The Rai Bal Mukund Dass ka Chatta, Narnaul Haryana, which is again situated at Narnaul Haryana, belonged to the era of Shah Jahan. It was built by Rai Bal Mukund Dass, who was one of the ministers of emperor Shah Jahan. The building is tall and has five levels inside it. The building with its majestic height stands as a delight to anyone, who has come for a visit. The chatta was named solely by the name of the builder. In the past, the building had fountains and springs to keep the place cool and unaffected by the excessive heat. The water was soaked by a well in the southwest part of the building. The Persian technology was used to draw water for the fountain and spring; the engineering is really very interesting and experimental. Unfortunately this technology is not working at present and so there is not any fountain or spring.

Rai Bal Mukund Dass Ka Chatta

Rai Bal Mukund Dass Ka Chatta | Image Resource : haryanaheritage.blogspot.in

I felt that the Government of India should come forward to restore the technology as it was one of the rarest technologies of the middle age. The building consists of many rooms, halls pavilions and balconies, but these places are all filled with dust. I couldn’t see anything in its proper condition. My heart really became sad when I saw the condition of the old building slowly going towards the path of destruction and no one bothered to make it right. The floors were made up of marbles though most of them had decayed extremely.

View From Ground Floor

View From Ground Floor | Image Resource : haryanaheritage.blogspot.in

The building had underground chambers, which connected to great cities such as Jaipur, Delhi, etc., but all these paths are in dilapidated condition. I could see only a basement, which was trying to prove the existence of the path. Further, going more to the inside part of the building, I saw terraces and many rooms. One significant place was where the builder’s name was written with that of a particular date. Due to the lack of any kind of care, these things are getting withered away. The Rai Bal Mukund Dass ka Chatta, Narnaul Haryana was originally a five-storey building, but at the time of my visit, it had turned into a three-storey one. The dingy walls have at least 200 words both in Hindi and Urdu but unfortunately none had deciphered those untold stories at all.

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