Star Monument Haryana – Showcasing Its Glory

Star Monument Haryana

Star Monument Haryana | Image Resource :

The Star Monument Haryana is another monument of exotic beauty, which is in the shape of a star white in colour and having beauty of its own. The monument is a replica of a star from the heaven and attracts many tourists due to its unique shape. Every year, many tourists flock to see the wonder of the monument. The star-shaped monument is constructed on the grave of the famous Shri Tara Chand, who is also known as Bade Maharaj Ji. The monument is built with a star-shaped wall, where one part is made up of white marble and the rest of the three is made up of Italian glass. The place is also decorated with many star symbols in order to portray the beauty of the star. In order to pay heed and respect to the charm of a heavenly body, the star-shaped monument is made with a combination of modern equipment as well as traditional Indian things.

Star Monument

Star Monument | Image Resource :

When I saw the place for the first time from a far distance, it appeared to me that a star had fallen from the sky and a space ship had come to deliver the message to the inhabitants of the earth. Though it was just a figment of my imagination, I can easily say that anybody visiting the Star monument Haryana will definitely feel as if he or she is in a different world. The white marble is so bright that it can make your eyes glitter with awe and wonder; the clean hexagonal shaped architecture makes you feel the essence of the modern technology.

India sometimes can also prove that it is more advanced than the western world, especially in case of different kinds of unique structures. Using the modern technology with that of the Indian style is like that of fusion music, which brings in the feel of peace and wonder. I quickly took some snaps to keep the memories of the monument locked in my heart. I remembered that there is a star-shaped monument in France too and though I have never seen that, I can easily say that the one in Haryana is far better.


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