Nakshatra Van Jharkhand- A Unique Park Emulating The Nakshatras Of Space


The final day in Ranchi Jharkhand had been saved for the Nakshatra Van, Jharkhand for full utilization of time in this park known for its layout in categories pertaining to the nakshatras. Adorned with special beauty and rare medicinal herbs the park is well known in Ranchi and is located in front of the Jharkhand Raj Bhawan, the park has been the responsibility of the Jharkhand Forest Department for its upkeep and sustenance. The foundation stone had been laid down by Lal Krishna Advani, a famous politician and was thereafter inaugurated by the Governor, M Rama.

Nakshatra Van Jharkhand

Nakshatra Van Jharkhand | Image Resource :

The sections of the park are depictions of the various nakshatras on ground and had been constructed with great precision to emulate it correctly. Trees belonging to a particular zodiac have been planted in each intersection making the entire theme work beautifully. It is very interesting for I and my friends to comprehend it all and we take our time moving around in the park looking at the various plants and beautiful landscaping that is the specialty of the park. There were many benches where visitors were resting or simply sitting to enjoy the cool unpolluted air. I was awestruck with the lovely sights at this beautiful man made creation. Nearby there are some children too who are shrieking with joy while playing in the little rides that are there in this premise. The sounds that the birds were making here felt music to ears. It was a lovely spot to pause and be thankful for all the nature’s endowments which has made human life possible in this planet.

Nakshatra Van

Nakshatra Van | Image Resource :

As I wind up my trip to yet another exciting destination with Nakshatra Van Jharkhand as my last sightsee, I am overwhelmed by the various beautiful places in my country that I have visited and some that are still remaining which are my next destinations to conquer in the upcoming holidays. The joy of travelling to little known places and the fun in rediscovering known popular places is my life line and my only source of content. I wish I am able to successfully tread more paths in this endeavor.

About Sawar Pandey

Hello, I am Savar Pandey from Kanpur. I have been working as marketing professional for the past two years. I love my job but often my daily schedule gets a bit monotonous. Therefore, I make it a point to take breaks and travel to new/beautiful places. The best part about traveling is the different cuisines you get to enjoy. I love food and live to eat. So far, I have been to some of the amazing locations. Through my blog, I wish share my experience to all you guys. Hoping that it could help in your travel expeditions.

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