JSCA International Cricket Stadium Jharkhand- For the Cricket Lovers in the City

JSCA International Cricket Stadium Entrance

JSCA International Cricket Stadium Entrance | Image Resource : Wikipedia.org

No city should be considered complete if it does not have a cricket stadium for its people. Jharkhand had been lacking in one but no longer.  The JSCA or the Jharkhand States Cricket Association has been instrumental in the construction of this international stadium called the JSCA International Cricket Stadium Jharkhand for cricket lovers in the city. I am sure that the matches which are held here are always jam packed and filled with hordes of spectators because cricket as such was close to religion in the nation. I and my friends had a spring in our steps while we made our way to the stadium wishing to know all about the home ground of Mahindra Singh Dhoni, our national cricket captain.

JSCA International Cricket Stadium Jharkhand

JSCA International Cricket Stadium Jharkhand | Image Resource : panoramio.com

Built at a staggering cost of 1.90 billion rupees, the newly constructed stadium was inaugurated on 10 the November 2010 and ever since has been the favorite grounds of most cricket players of the country. The project was realized by the Kothari Associates Private Limited and was in the heart of the city built with such precision that no shadow falls on its pitch until 4:45 in the evening. Equipped with membrane roofs to provide shade from the sun and the structure made of steel braces, the stadium is quite an achievement in itself. While I and my friends toured the various pavilions, it was clear to us that the venue had seen some phenomenal matches that have been played in the cricketing history. I could imagine the deafening noises of the crowd, cheering and boosting their favorite players in the stadium. No other joy came close to this one.

Playing Cricket In Stadium

Playing Cricket In Stadium | Image Resource : panoramio.com

If Ranchi, Jharkhand for us meant visiting the JSCA International Cricket Stadium, Jharkhand, it also is known for the various waterfalls that the place and its adjoining areas are famous for. In the urban setting you could enjoy an exhilarating game of cricket in this world class stadium but if you looked for the peace and serenity of the nature, you would have to go to the Jonha Fall, Jharkhand to try it. The atmosphere there is truly mesmerizing.

View Of Stadium

View Of Stadium | Image Resource : panoramio.com


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