A Closer Look At Apple’s Branding Strategy


I am a marketing professional and have always been impressed by the continual growth and success of the Apple brand. The success of this firm greatly accounts to its branding strategies.

Apple Logo-Red

Apple Logo-Red | Image Resource : findthatlogo.com

Apple is a brand that has made its mark and retains the position it attained. The brand is continually making profits. Its impressive growth, expansion, and success are all the result of a very thoughtful branding strategy. In this competitive world where the businesses collapse before they flourish, Apple has made its mark due to the unique way in which it serves its customers. Here is a short glimpse at the branding strategy of Apple that helps it stay way ahead of the times.

  • Products by Apple

Apple has always made the best products for its customers. This is one reason why Apple has a group of ardent brand followers. Apple believes in offering high quality products to its faithful customers. This is clear from past where Steve Jobs had once cut down the product offerings from 350 to just 10 to make sure that the products by Apple are of the best quality.

Products By Apple

Products By Apple | Image Resource : appadvice.com

  • Geniuses from Apple

People who visit the Apple store are eager to see the range of products as well as to meet the Apple geniuses. These trained staff are experts and know technically everything about the products they sell. It is not easy to be an Apple Genius. People who are selected for this position go through four rounds of interviews. Apple makes sure that their staff is fully capable of solving the queries of the customers. This could be yet another reason why Apple has such brand loyal customers.

  • Apple’s Content Strategy

Apple does not have any specific content marketing strategy. It does have an account on YouTube where it occasionally does post videos. Apple is a unique brand that has steered away from social media marketing websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.Apple’s ex-CEO Steve Jobs used to personally answer to e-mails of each customer. This also helped to maintain their relation well with the customers. This may also be another factor that leads to customer loyalty.


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