Golghar in Patna – The Round House

Golghar in Patna

Golghar in Patna | Image Resource : Wikipedia.org

My next visit was the famous Golghar in Patna, which was also known as the round house because of its round shape and was located on the western side of the Gandhi Maidan in Patna. Basically the purpose of that round house was that it had served as the granary during the British times and was built by Captain John Garstin in the year 1786. The place was situated in the middle of the city; one could use any mode of transportation for reaching that destination. I could easily see that the place drew lots of tourists and visitors and there was a field surrounding the Golghar. There was a rich history behind the design and establishment of such a massive structure in proper Patna city. The Golghar had a height of 29 metres and was designed with a diameter of 125 meter, which was really big and huge.

There was a dangerous and devastating famine in the year 1770 during which nearly 10 million people were killed in the entire region of Bengal, Bangladesh (present day) and Bihar. Warren Hastings was the Governor General of the country at that time and had ordered to construct the beehive styled massive structure which helped in storing grains and other food items for the British Army. It was constructed by John Garstin who was the then Engineer under the East India Company. It had the capacity to store one hundred and forty thousand tons of food grains. The entire structure was completed in the year 1786. It was only a few years back that the present government had taken the initiative to improve and change the appearance of the structure.

View Of Golghar

View Of Golghar | Image Resource : panoramio.com

The Golghar in Patna is under the Jurisdiction of the Government of Bihar and it has taken full care and responsibility of maintaining the store house. The structure was used as a food grain store house even till date. The structure was never filled to its capacity because of its round shape. There were many paintings and other historical pictures available at the Golghar which belonged to the 18th and 19th centuries. After a tiring day, I decided to end my trip for the day and headed towards the hotel.


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