Ancient Remains in Kumhrar Patna


I started my tour for the second day by visiting the ancient Kumhrar Patna which was famous for its remains. It was situated five kilometres away from the Patna railway station. The place was well-connected via roads and located at a prime location. It was famous for the archaeological and historical remains during the time of Mauryan emperors, between 322 BC and 185 BC. The place was discovered to have the ruins of 80 pillared hall rooms which resembled the hypostyle. There were lots of excavations made after that discovery and the details were revealed after they were studied carefully. The place was also famous for being the ancient capital of Ajatshatru.  It was famous for around four different decades when the place was ruled by various kings. Apart from that, it was surrounded by many other ancient places. It has been a great tourist spot mainly because of its rich historical connections.

Pillar from Kumrahar

Pillar from Kumrahar | Image Resource :

The majority of the excavations were carried out by the archaeological department during a certain period of time and lots of facts and details had been discovered because of it. There was the famous assembly hall that had 80 pillars and was found in the year 1912 to 1915 A.D. The place was also famous because of the different kinds of excavations that were carried out by Mr. D B Spooner. Though they could determine only 72 pits but they marked the place where the pillars originally stood. It was done by a subsequent excavation team headed by K P Jaiswal which was finished in the year1955.

Arogya Vihar Kumrahar

Arogya Vihar Kumrahar | Image Resource :

The Kumhrar Patna was also famous for the Arogya Vihar, which was a foundation that was excavated during that period. There was the Anand Bihar along with a temple, which was extremely famous in those times, i.e. the Durakhi Devi Temple. All the excavation sites were extremely famous and made me feel curious about the rich history and lifestyle followed in those times. I wished to stay for a few more hours but had planned to cover other destinations as well. From there I headed towards the newly built Patna City centre, which was designed to showcase brilliance and consisted of different brands and other showrooms.


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