The Historical Ashokan Pillar in Patna


From the famous Gurudwara, I headed towards the Ashokan Pillar in Patna as it was extremely famous in the history books, which I had read during my school days. The pillar was best known for the Lion capital, which was at Sarnath. The specialty of the pillar was the presence of four lions back to back. There were many such pillars that were established by Ashoka in different places. Such pillars included structures like the Rampurva with bull or with elephants. There were in total five pillars that were setup by Ashoka at places like Nandangarh, Areraj, Vaishali and two at Rampurva. These pillars marked the ancient highway from the famous Patliputra to the valley of Nepal. The place is quite famous in the country’s history as well and foreign visitors also come to visit this historical place. The place was quite near to the place where the Buddhist monastery and other sacred tanks were built up afterwards.

Ashoka Pillar

Iconic Ashoka Pillar Vaishali | Image Resource :

The place was quite famous for the history it possessed. It was also known as Kolhua and Emperor Ashoka had constructed the Lion Pillar at that place though the exact year of establishment was not known to many locals till date. The structure was built of red sandstone and surmounted by the bull shaped capital which was around 18.3 meters high. The normal size of lion was placed on the pillar and there was a small tank near to the pillar known as the Ramkund. There was a brick stupa beside the pillar in Kolhua which had been honoured by Buddha’s last lecture in this place.

Lion Pillar

Lion Pillar | Image Resource :

Apart from the Ashokan Pillar in Patna there were many other places that one could visit in the area and was good to revive our history. I was having a splendid experience. The pillars and other inscriptions were carefully maintained and kept by the locals and it was made sure that the tourists get the most from such destinations. From there, I had planned to visit my next destination which was the famous Golghar in Patna. I had many other destinations to visit in Patna and therefore couldn’t waste valuable time.


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