The Famous Mahavir Mandir in Patna


After having light breakfast and getting some rest, I started my tour in Patna with the famous Mahavir Mandir in Patna which was on the northern side of the Patna Junction. The place was close to the station and I managed to walk to the temple from my hotel. The temple was one of the most famous and holiest Hindu temples, which was dedicated to Lord Hanuman and located in Patna. I could see that a huge number of pilgrims and other visitors visiting the temple that day and learnt that it was the general trend there. I knew that it was the second most visited temples in the northern part of the entire country. The Mahavir Mandir trust had the second highest budget amongst other temples in northern India. It helped the pundits serve the pilgrims with the prasad and other services. It was believed that the temple had a revenue collection of around one lakh Indian rupees per day. The money was collected as a result of different donations from various followers.

Mahadev Mandir Patna

Mahadev Mandir Patna | Image Resource :

 When I asked one of the local residents about the establishment of the temple, they were unable to decide on the exact date but said that it was only after 1947, that the temple had gained popularity. A large number of Hindu devotees used to visit the temple even before the country was separated. It was later rebuilt with concrete and designed with various designs. It was around 1987 that the temple was completely restructured into a marble building in which stood the idol of Sankat Mochan. I enjoyed my stay on the premises and there was a huge rush even though I hadn’t visited on any special day.

Entrance Of Mandir

Entrance Of Mandir | Image Resource :

Idol of Sankat Mochan

Idol of Sankat Mochan | Image Resource :

The traditional worshiping days in Mahavir Mandir in Patna were Saturdays and Tuesdays. It was famous mainly because of Lord Hanuman. I learnt that lakhs of devotees visit the temple on various occasions such as Diwali and Ram Navami. Special functions and other celebrations were organized in the premises on such occasions. I could easily see huge stalls, which were installed in and around the temple. According to one of the residents, the long queues on the occasion of Ram Navami grew up to some kilometres. That determined the popularity of the temple amongst the followers of the Hindu religion.


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