Tribal Culture in Kawardha Chhattisgarh- A World In Itself!


Since long time, I have been inclined towards discovering different cultures of different places in India. In my Travel List, I put the name Chhattisgarh and created a separate tab for visiting Kawardha tribes in Bastar. This visit I was going fulfill my desire and know more about the people and their culture of Kawardha. Since I was in a budget travel and a on a professional visit, I did every possible thing to limit my expenditure. After visiting the scenic places of the state, I went on to discover the trial life found here. It was truly amazing to discover that still now there are large numbers of tribes dwelling in the forests of Chhattisgarh. The different forms of tribes seen in the state are Kol, Bhaiyana, Baiga, Parghi, Binjwar, Gond, Kawardha, Kamar, Dorla, Muriya, Munda tribe etc. Each tribe possesses its own rich history and each one is different from the other in terms of food, clothing, lifestyle and music/dance.

Tribes culture In Chattisgarh

Tribes culture In Chattisgarh  |  Image Resource :

The tribes of Kawardha are often visited by foreigners and they have always been a part of interest because they are kind of a separate class. The cultural essence of nation is truly observed in these tribes as they add diversity in human behavior and present a different class of family altogether. These tribes dwell in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh whose few parts also fall in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The different means by which these tribes make their livelihood is through fishing, extracting forest products, hunting, handicrafts, forging metal goods in cottage industries etc.

Handicrafts of Chattisgarh

Handicrafts of Chattisgarh |  Image Resource :

The culture of the Kawardha constitute of a closed society. I was taken aback when I explored that marriages are made in the same community and even within the same family. These people do not want to extend their family to the outer world, therefore such closeness. However, the sex ratio of the tribes is very good, that is the number of females are higher than males.

It was truly an awe-inspiring day, and it is not very difficult to reach Kawardha as the place is situated at just 140 kilometers from the capital of Chhattisgarh, Raipur.

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