Art and Crafts of Bastar Chhattisgarh – Incredible Artistry of India!


After my historic visit to Kailash Caves, I wanted to experience the culture and tradition of the place. During my last visit to Chhattisgarh, I was excited as well as glad. Once again I had managed to make some time out from my busy schedule. This time my sole intention was to explore the art and crafts of the Bastar region of the state. The intricacy of handwork is known all over India and a few of the works are also exported to foreign countries on demand. As I went deep into the different forms of art and crafts the state produced through skilled artisans, I was swept off. The people of Bastar region depend upon these handworks for their livelihood. Apart from crafts and arts, jewelry and painting on palm leaves is yet another attraction seen here.

Traditional Ornament In Bastar

Traditional Ornament In Bastar | Image Resource :

The simplest form of arts was too mesmerizing and I wanted to explore the complex forms as well and learn about it more and more. I tried to talk with some local people there who gave me detailed description about the various form of handicrafts made there. Using brass and bronze, bell metal is hollow cast into handicrafts which are commonly known as Dhokra in their language. Loha Shilp is yet another form of craft. Scrap iron is used to make toys, deities and figurines of Gods and Goddesses. Godna art is a form of making tattoo motifs on the textiles. This is the work usually done by the women of the village. Handicrafts are also made on cotton fabric. A special kind of thread called ‘Kosa’ is found here with which different crafts are made. The prints on saris are generally done with vegetable extracts which never fades away. I bought some Chhattisgarh Kosa saris for my mom. Apart from all these works, I also learnt that handicrafts were also in the form of wooden carvings, printing, ornaments, tumba and bamboo work.

Dhokra Painting From India

Dhokra Painting From India | Image Resource :

My entire day was fun-filled and rich with lots of experiences about the traditional lifestyle of India. I bought a few souvenirs to gift them to my friends. It was a sufficing day.


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